North Palisade

North Palisade Trip Report (#5856)

  • Signed By: marius
  • Date submitted: July 08, 2004

Set up camp in Palisade basin, going for the catwalk route. Turned out to be harder to find than anticipated: make sure the catwalk you're trying to walk isn't too hard or extreme, otherwise you're on the wrong one! Then ran into 100ft of steep hardpack snow below choke in the narrow gully. Did not bring crampons or axes so finally resorted to climbing around all of it via the left wall. Rope and pro, some 5th class moves. Finally summited at 3:30, rappeled off the summit block near the southwest end, climbed towards u-notch and took multiple rappels down to top of u-notch and scrambled back down the snowfree west gully. Lucky 7s for weather, beautiful, balmy, no t-storms. Awesome peak. Original plan was to try to traverse to Starlight as well but that is best left to subsequent, more expedient visits.. looks insane. Could not find the summit register :-(

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