North Palisade

North Palisade Trip Report (#5865)

  • Signed By: Mark
  • Date submitted: May 21, 2001

We climbed the U-Notch to the chimney at the top of the notch. The schrund was passable on the right, but otherwise gaping. The snow was quite deep, so many of the normal rock anchors were buried. The slope is moderate enough that it can be climbed unroped with some safety, but rockfall is a concern. The chimney felt like solid 5th class in mountaineering boots. We tried to cross the snow bowl on the SW side, then up the NW ridge by the triangular tower, but we couldn't find any moderate way up that side, at least in boots, so we traversed right/south to regain the normal ridge-route to the top. The summit log has some great entries by Moynier, Croft, Florine and others. We were too pooped to carry on to Starlight, so we rapped off the U-Notch--an exercise in tattiness.

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