North Palisade

North Palisade Trip Report (#5869)

  • Signed By: Brent Harder
  • Date submitted: December 09, 1999
  • Date(s) climbed: 5-4-91 and 6-10-96 and 8-14-98

Norman Clyde returned and climbed in the Palisade Glacier area 35 times....the king of the Sierras for first ascents....I think he liked the area! Anyone who has been there understands why.....a true alpine setting in California with all the amenities. The first time my climbing partner and I climbed North Palisade was in May of 91' with lots of snow. We climbed the U-Notch and bypassed the burgschrund with an end run around the right side. A great climb with a little bit of everything a true mountaineer would want. Our other 2 ascents were done in quest of climbing Starlight Peak (the most difficult of all of the 14,000' peaks in California). It's a classic must do...In my opinion, the most fun of all of the 14,000' peaks. The East Face of Mt. Whitney being a close second! I have wonderful pictures and am willing to share them with you....e-mail me!

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