North Twin

Elevation (feet): 12,200
Elevation (meters): 3,719
Continent: North America
Country: Canada
Range/Region: Canadian Rockies
Province: Alberta
Latitude: 52.223961
Longitude: -117.434664
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1923
First successful climber(s): W. Ladd, J. Munroe Thorington, Conrad Kain
Nearest major airport: Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta
Convenient Center: Jasper, Alberta

North Twin is the third highest mountain of the Canadian Rockies, behind Mount Robson (12,972 ft.) and Mount Columbia (12,294 ft.). It is a snowy mountain, rising on the northwest edge of the Columbia Icefield with its smaller counterpart, South Twin (11,675 ft.). It is a gently sloping snow climb from the East. The mountain, however, drops off sharply toward the north and west. An outstanding feature of North Twin is its north face, a steep wall fronted by a subsidiary peak known as Twins Tower. The north face of Twins Tower is a sheer rock precipice rising nearly 4,000 feet from the valley floor.