Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Trip Report (#5924)

  • Signed By: Adam Buczynski
  • Date submitted: August 09, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 30/07/2004

"After 11 hours of walking, resting and climbing from Litochoro, we reached the refuge at 20:50 july 29th. Just in time for a warm meal, because the kitchen in the refuge closes at 21:00.

We got up early next morning and after 3 more hours reached Scala. From there, I went up alone to Mytikas. The view was not that great, because the top was covered in clouds, but the experience was great. Be careful between Scala and Mytikas though.

After 1 hour I was back at Scala and we descended to Prionia from where we took a cab back to Litochoro.

The walk from Litochoro to Prionia (7 hours) was beautiful. It's a shame that most people take a taxi from Litochoro to Prionia, because that route is especially beautiful.

PS: If someone has patches from this peak (which are sold in the refuge) or knows where I could buy some, please email me. I forgot to get one at the refuge on my way back..."

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