Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Trip Report (#5934)

I summited Olympus in Greece two summers ago on October 2nd, 2001 with my partner on a beautiful sunny day. She lingered on top after I headed down and gave me a mischievous smile afterward that made me think she was up to something. My impression was that she wrote something in the summit book that remains her little secret.

Six months later she collapsed and died of an undiagnosed heart condition while we were playing soccer together.

I would dearly love to see what she wrote on that perfect day a life time ago. If you plan to climb Olympus and can take a photograph of that page in the summit book I would be so grateful. she would have signed it RB, BB, or R Bell. If you will be going up there anyway and can take the time to do this for me I'll send you a card with my own photography expressing my appreciation.

Either way, I hope the climb for you is as enjoyable as it was for us.

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