Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Trip Report (#5960)

  • Signed By: Branko
  • Date submitted: June 04, 2001

We - Mountaneering Club "Kamenjak" - came from Rijeka, Croatia, a group consisting of total 75 people (among them a 12 years old boy Vedran and a 75 years old Mr Stanko Jurdana, a mountaneering veteran). Altough most of us were mountaneers, with certain climbing experience, there were also "pure" tourists, who have climbed with their tennis shoes on only, but of course not further than the Refugee C "Spillios Agapiton" - 2100m high. We drove with our bus all the way from Paralia Skotina (spent the night in beautiful Sintrivanis Hotel - 100m from the beach) and Litochoro to Prioni. From that point, it took us approx 3 hrs to reach the Refugee. The weather was beautiful - mostly sunny all the time. After an hour of break 50 of us proceeded further - up to the Skolio (2011m high peak). We had incredible luck with the weather, since there was no intense sun due to slight fog and clouds, which disappeared during late afternoon when we finally reached the top after a 2,5 hours climbing. Therefore, we were able to admire the beautiful sightseeing from the top, including the beaches of Halchydiki and the next peak Mytikas. Since the way to it was indeed a challenging one, only 11 mountaneers decided to climb it - with success. The rest of us returned to the Refugee, where we enjoyed the hospitality of kind Mr Zolotas and his staff. After the return of our 11 "heroes" we had our supper (nice food, indeed!) and spent the night after a party (singing, telling jokes etc). The next morning was dedicated to the photo-session (beautiful sunrise, the peaks dressed in orange thanks to the rising Sun - fantastic, almost incredible scenery!). Unfortunately, we had to leave this beautiful place, since there was our bus waiting for us at Prioni, to take us away to Athens and other tourist destinations we planned to visit during our stay in Greece. But, however, our main target was Mount Olympus, which beauty and wilderness shall remain in our hearts forever! Besides,

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