Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Trip Report (#5964)

  • Signed By: Brian Hickory
  • Date submitted: July 05, 2000
  • Date(s) climbed: 22 June 2000 23 June 2000

My second trip to Olympus, and not my last. My first was in June 1994, but weather and blisters stopped us on Scala. This time we were blessed, the air was so clear we could see all the way across the sea. The 22nd my group went up the easy path over Skala, but we managed to decend a further 300 ft below the trail on the way to Mytikas, and one friend with asthma had to stop there; I feel rather guilty. It was quite ironic, somebody was standing in front of the first blaze, talking to us as we continued down. Oops. Anyway, I wanted to spend the Solstice on the Mountain, and on the 23rd I returned to Mytikas via the lower route from the Zonaria. There was perhaps 20 ft of steep snowfield left to cross, but with a couple of sturdy short pine sticks I had no difficulty at all. I wouldn't attempt it without tools. I found the way up to Mytikas to easier than I was led to believe, so I climbed Stefani as well, spotting two Danish climbers on Mytikas (hi!), but they didn't hear me. I returned via the Plane of Muses and the Refuge C path. Five days total on the Mountain. We arrived by train and walked from the sea, through Litohoro, up the E4 through the valley. We took our time and explored many side trails, finding some incredibly beautiful hidden places, and arrived at Prionia for dinner. A discrete cold camp above Prionia and a leisurely start saw us at Refuge A for lunch. Next time I will plan on spending a full two weeks, and giving at least two days to Refuge C. I will continue to walk all the way from the sea.

Truly a miraculous place; I can't recommend the trip highly enough. Sacred space ... I've been blessed.

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