Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Trip Report (#5984)

  • Signed By: Milkman
  • Date submitted: August 18, 2003

Day One: Hoh Visitor's Center, past Olympus Ranger Station, camped at 12 mile point (12 miles/7 hours). Day Two: From 12 mile camp site to Glacier Meadows (6 miles/8 hours). Day Three: From Glacier Meadows to West Peak and back to Glacier Meadows (16 miles/17 hours). Day Four: Glacier Meadows to Olympus Ranger Station (9 miles/5 hours). Day Five: Olympus Ranger Station to How Visitor's Center (9 miles/4 hours). My partner and I took a little longer than normal but enjoyed the 52-mile hike very much. Summit day was especially long because we learned the route for the first time together. We took the long way around the south end of the Blue, and made a few mistakes getting up to Snow Dome, but once we got on the east side of Snow Dome we picked up the trail and made better time. We crossed behind the false summit and hugged the right side until we could see the West Peak. Then crossed the rock ridge, up the steep snow bank, over the saddle down the back side, and climbed the 5th class rock on the back side of the West Peak to the summit. What a fantastic climb. Love to do it again, but the next time take two pair of boots. One for hiking and the mountaineering boots for summit day. We had lots of blisters from hiking the dirt trail to Glacier Meadows and back. Thanks.

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