Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Trip Report (#5993)

  • Signed By: Milkman
  • Date submitted: July 18, 2002

For several years I've made the 19 mile hike to visit the glacier moraine below the Blue, but have never summited Mt. Olympus, yet. Finding climbing partners who like this long approach and don't like climbing on Sundays is not easy, but that's my goal. I've been a member of BOEALPS (Boeing Alpine Society) for 3 years. Graduated from their Basic Climbing Class, and have been an instructor for that same course for the past 2 years. I summited Mt. Rainier last year - first time - with a team of 3 others. That was fantastic. I have all my own equipment, and am willing to join others to summit Mt. Olympus.

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