Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Trip Report (#5997)

  • Signed By: Max
  • Date submitted: September 15, 2001

I'm 12 years old, and went on one of my scout troops hikes. We hiked 18 miles to the mountain and two of my leaders summited the mountain. Don't let me here someone say it is only 7,000 feet, because if you start at 500 feet above sea level and hike 6,500 feet, that is alot. I didn't hike the mountain, however I really want to. I love glaciers, and snow in the mountains. I hiked up to the Blue Glacier on Mount Olympus and I went about 30 feet away from it. I think the mountain is very beautiful. I was the only boy scout to go up to it in my group. Everybod else chickened out. If you wanna hike this peak, you should get ready for a 36 miler hike! The mountain is very deolate and out there. You cannot drive to it! It is a two day hike up to it for most. Don't be fooled by all the cheesy tourists (you can tell by if they have a backpack) fool you. This place gets secluded down to only backpackers after about 7 miles.

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