Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Trip Report (#5999)

  • Signed By: Jeff Leite
  • Date submitted: July 29, 2001

The quality of the rock on the 120ish foot spire of west peak has deteriorated in the past five years. It is still a moderately easy climb from the north side. Found three decent places for protection, but not really enough for absolute safety. The rappel down was equally interesting. Who knows how long the anchors will hold out that are currently in use. No water was available above 6500 feet, so pack more than you think you will need or treat/filter some at the rocks at the beginning of the snow dome from the Blue glacier. The snow was fiercely soggy by afternoon. All in all, it was as fantastic as we remembered five years ago. The view on this perfectly clear day was spectacular. Use your head, climb safely, carry more protection than you need, you'll be happy you did if you need it. I wish everyone could see what we have seen twice.

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