Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Trip Report (#6000)

Set out from Hoh River entrance, approach hike along Hoh through lush rainforest was incredible. Flat at first then slowly gets steeper until it winds yet steeper to camp just below treeline. Tent site right along rushing stream was great. I saw a large blackbear just upstream from camp, he ran into thick brush and dissapeared, I hung my food and finished washing pots. Woke around 3am to light drizzle and made my way up to Blue Glacier, glacier was wide open and crevasses were easy to see and step over or around. Visibility was very poor(less than 50 feet at times) and snow on upper mountain was quite soft, saw some mountain goats that pretty much ignored me as I passed. Made summit in near zero visibility, waited around hoping for a window in the fog/clouds, no luck. Snapped self portrait and arrived back to camp around 1pm. I ate lunch and relaxed for a bit then broke camp and began hike out. I arrived very tired at Hoh river visitor center just before dark. I had a good climb and enjoyed the approach hike, wished I had gotten a summit veiw but was not too suprised to have clouds/rain in the Olympics, that's all part of the experience.

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