Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus Trip Report (#6002)

First summited with Olympic College (Bremerton, WA) group in July via the Blue Glacier. About 24 in party;weather wonderful, spirits high--a true "peak experience" for this then-20 year old.

Summited again a month later--this time up the back side via the Humes Glacier (after hiking up the Dosewallips then down to the Elwha) then traversing the Hoh Glocier to the Blue Glacier, where we rendezvoused with a second Olympic College group. Added one more climber from their number, then up the Snow Dome the following day to the false summit, where we spent the night in a blizzard (four of us in a two man tent). Quick trip to the cloud-shrouded summit the following morning, then packed up & descended to base camp at the Blue Glacier. Left our fourth with Olympic College group, returned to Elwha Basin via the Hoh & Humes Glaciers to exit the Olympics via the Quinalt River. 17 days in all, we started out with 70 pound packs (including cameras & full climbing gear). 35 pound packs when we came out--and we pleaded with our driver to stop at every hamburger stand on the way home! Companions were George Campbell and Jim Pritchard, plus Bob Fullmer who joined us for the summit trip. I started college a month later--with all my P.E. credits in place.

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