Gunung Korbu

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Gunung Korbu is the 2nd highest mountain in Peninsula Malaysia, just 3 meters lower than Gunung Tahan. Gunung Korbu is resting along with many other 2000m peaks along the Titiwangsa range stretching along state borders of Kelantan, Pahang and Perak.

You can climb Korbu from Tanjung Rambutan, Ipoh, Perak which takes about 2 or 3 days to reach the summit. Or consider a more challenging trek starting from Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang. The trek from Cameron Highlands is a traverse trek across Gunung Yong Blar (7156ft) and Gunung Gayong (7156ft), 3rd and 4th highest in Peninsula Malaysia respectively.

A Grand Traverse trek, from Gunung Siku to Gunung Korbu was done in 1987, 22 Aug to 1 Sep, by Forest Gan and his team. Forest Gan, a Malaysian, is a veteran in the Malaysia tropical rainforest.

The traverse trek from Cameron to Korbu is no way easier compared to climbing Gunung Tahan, though Tahan has been known as the toughest mountain in Malaysia. Carrying big backpack can be a nightmare when you have to cross under or over tree trunks almost every 20m in distance. Be prepared to carry water if you intend to camp at Yong Blar and Gayong.

Forest Gan named the mountain range of Titiwangsa as the "Roof of Malaya"


Elevation (feet): 7,162
Elevation (meters): 2,183
Continent: Asia
Country: Malaysia
Latitude: 4.68333
Longitude: 101.3
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Nearest major airport: Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Convenient Center: Tanjung Rambutan

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  • Log #22071 - by yk on Sep 12, 2010
    same period of time we met students group of 4-5, end up we had to move to another hill to camp overnight. tough as we had 70% newbies and the guys had to carry most of the loads...
  • Log #17701 - by syahrul afdzan on Aug 03, 2004
    Memang best..banyak-banyak naik ni trek dia memang ngeri tapi tak caya bleh naik..tapi suasana memang best.
  • Log #17703 - by Muzs on Aug 21, 2003
    actually I'm doing partime job as a guide to Gunung Korbu as well as Trans TTwangsa (Korbu-Gayung-Yong Belar) THis coming Merdeka (31st August 2003) Korbu Expedition... 013-5011471
  • Log #17704 - by Jespuvan Singh on May 30, 2003
    Hiking up Mount Korbu was a wonderful experience for my friends and was definitely challenging...I just would like to share a food for thought to all...pls take care of the environment.
  • Log #17706 - by Joe on Mar 14, 2003
    I have some photo about this mountain, ps visit at
  • Log #17707 - by Muzs on Mar 12, 2003
    Sesiapa nak naik tuh sila la contact saya... khidmat guide disediakan...
  • Log #17708 - by Mohamad Faisal b. Mohd Nordin on Mar 11, 2003
    Assalamualaikum,what i like most about hiking and trekking in such a moderate area is that its inspire me to free myself,trying to seek inside of me.I've heard a lot about Korbu mostly from my...
  • Log #17709 - by joanne on Nov 07, 2002
    The traverse trek from Cameron Highlands to Gunung Korbu offers scenic views. Good physical condition is important as you will climb up and down the mountain ridges. On an average, each day is a 9 to...