That pick is situated in the range divided rivers Terskol and Irik both tributaries of Baksan river. The pick is situated very close to Elbrus mountain. The closest villages are Terskol and Elbrus town. We hiked to the foot of the pick from Elbrus towntrhough the valley of Irik river, one of the most picturesque value in the Elbrus area. The base camp was near the end the Irik glacier, at bottom of the value .It took not even to reach that place from Elbrus town. Next day we scrambled trough very steep and unsteady morena (rock face), then gentle glacier and finally reach the Terskolak pass around 3600m. In the morning we made assent . The rocks are pretty much ruined so if you do not have much experience rope is required , especially for descent . In Russian technical gradation it is 2a category. The pick and stay overnight on the high pass a good acclimatization before Elbrus climb. It is possible to continue to Elbrus via Terskol pass rope are required due to ice cravices, or as we did as we did , and cross Terskol glacier went up to Ledovaja baza and then cross glacier to prijut 11 , where classic way to Elbrus starts. I am a guide myself and would be happy to assists you with Caucasus climbing and trekking. My web site http://zhehar.tripod.com

Elevation (feet): 12,795
Elevation (meters): 3,900
Continent: Europe
Country: Russia
Range/Region: Central Caucasus
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Mineralnie Vodi
Convenient Center: Terskol

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  • Log #17773 - by Vyacheslav Zhegar on Dec 12, 2002
    Beautiful shape, good for Elbrus acclimatisation,