Mount Bartle Frere

Elevation (feet): 5,321
Elevation (meters): 1,622
Continent: Australia/Oceania
Country: Australia
Range/Region: Cape York Ranges
Latitude: -17.3833
Longitude: 145.817
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Nearest major airport: Cairns
Convenient Center: Babinda, Innisfail, Atherton

Thanks to Reg King for adding this peak.

The highest mountain in Queensland, Australia. It's about 50km south of Cairns and climbing it is more of a challenging bush walk than a mountain climb. Listing the mountain here is more for completeness of information about Australia's highest peak than mountain climbing challenges. There appear to be 2 different appraoches to climbing Bartle Frere. One is a 15km, 1 to 2 day bush walk accessed from Butcher's Creek near Atherton, the other a 6km walk from Josephine Falls near Babinda.

Web searches using the phrase Bartle Frere and mount or mt will return lots of information about getting to the summit.

Thanks to Reg King for this description.