Elevation (feet): 1,078
Elevation (meters): 329
Continent: Europe
Country: Ireland
Range/Region: Ireland
Latitude: 54.258889
Longitude: -8.574722
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Belfast International
Convenient Center: Sligo Town

Thanks to Wayne Baker and Terrill Thompson for contributing to these details. (View history)

Ontop of this short mountain is a big Cairn made from stones. The stones block a passage way to the tomb of Queen Meave who ruled the provinces in around 3000BC. Around the area, between the mountain and a nearby lake are several "Giant Graves" which contain the Queens chieftians. These tombs were excavated in the 1980's and thousands of ironage tools and pottery were found.

Thanks to Wayne Baker for this description.