Elevation (feet): 11,604
Elevation (meters): 3,537
Continent: North America
Country: Guatemala
Range/Region: Guatemala Ranges
Latitude: 14.5833
Longitude: -91.1833
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec
Volcanic status: Active
Nearest major airport: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Convenient Center: Santiago or San Lucas Toliman Guatemala, both towns at the base of a trail leading to the summit.

Located within the Lago de Atitlan National Park, Atitlan is the name of both a tranquil Guatemalan lake and the highest of three volcanoes that rises near its shore (the others are Toliman and San Pedro). Though not the highest peaks in Guatemala, this is one of the country's finest locations for mountain viewing and hiking.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #21887 - by Christian Rodriguez on Feb 13, 2010
    Atitlan volcano is one of most beautiful volcanoes in Guatemala. The views are so amazing. In clear days is possible to see almost all volcanoes from Guatemala from México to El Salvador frontiers....
  • Log #325 - by Jacob on Aug 25, 2004
    Never have I found a more wonderful place. this is not a hike. this is a spiritual journey, with the movement of the flesh serving only as a metaphor to the inward attainment. I take trash down with...
  • Log #316 - by ST Polovick on Dec 12, 2003
    The most beautiful place on earth! I go frequrntly to visit and to get robbed (four times, now). -- just tell yourself, "OK, I will get robbed on this trip -- then go, and it wont be a shock!...
  • Log #317 - by Adam Gross on Nov 06, 2003
    I hired a guide in town. We started our ascent around 5am. We summited in about 5 hours. Had a beautiful view over the nearby volcanoes.
  • Log #320 - by Dennis Alexander on Mar 22, 2001
    OK, I admit it. I didn't actually climb Atitlan. Friends among the Tzu'tujil of Santiago warned us away from that volcano because bandit activity on both Atitlan and Toliman was very high at the time...
  • Log #321 - by Uwe Kraus on Feb 12, 2001
    In San Lucas Tolimán I hired a guide and in the morning at 4am we started our ascent. After 4 1/2 hours we summited and had a wonderful view over the Lago de Atitlán and the nearby volcanoes. For...
  • Log #322 - by David and Michelle Burt on Aug 14, 2000
    There had been a lot of robberies on the main trail, so we hired two guides to take us up the opposite side. It took us 12 hours, including 7 hours of machete work through the forest. Had to climb...
  • Log #323 - by Jacob on Aug 13, 2000
    I climbed the peak New Years eve. The next day on the way back down two guys with ski masks and weapons tried to rob us. Some crazy shit went down, but we ended up getting out of losing anything. I...
  • Log #324 - by David Aragon on Apr 05, 1999
    This is an easy climb that is exceedingly rewarding in terms of scenery. It is my opinion that this is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. A word of caution,, however: it is very easy to be...