Pumasillo is a high, sharp summit rising near the center of a spectacular massif of the same name. The massif is more Himalayan in character than Andean, its summit crest stretching eight north-south continuous miles, and never dipping below 18,000 feet. Several sharp peaks rise from this crest and from its many ridges. The long eastern face of the massif presents a formidable icy wall. The west ridge drops off comparatively gradually and is the normal route of ascent, though even this is steep and highly glaciated. Any ascent of the mountain requires climbing experience on steep ice and snow.

Pumasillo was unclimbed until 1957, when Michael Gravina and Simon Clark were the first to reach the summit, followed one day later by team members Wathen, Meldrum and Darbyshire, and two days later by Carslake and Longland. This was recorded in great detail in Simon Clark's book The Puma's Claw.

Elevation (feet): 19,915
Elevation (meters): 6,070
Continent: South America
Country: Peru
Range/Region: Peruvian Andes
Latitude: -13.177526
Longitude: -73.008099
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1957
First successful climber(s): Michael Gravina, Simon Clark
Nearest major airport: Lima, Peru
Convenient Center: Cuzco, Peru

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  • Log #6246 - by Michael Gravina & Simon Clark on Nov 10, 2004
    Correction to your website:- 1st ascent was made by Michael Gravina and Simon Clark (see book 'The Puma's Claw') on July 23rd 1957. Further ascnts:- July 25th Carslake & Longland July 26th...