Ha Ling Peak

Ha Ling Peak Trip Report (#18044)

  • Signed By: Barbara Fletcher of Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Date submitted: September 13, 2003

After a few hours of steady ascent, suddenly the sky opened up and there was more rock than trees. The pathway had dried from earth into dust, roots replaced by scree. Solid ground was gone and the climb became trecherous. And the almost indistinguishable path became almost vertical; we edged upward and slid backward through almost a kilometre of loose rock and tearing wind. Then a final wind-whipped scramble over rocks to the peak.

My heart was thudding wildly, lungs burning. But it didn't matter; the view was spectacular. Roads were barely visible below, everything shrunk to minature. And everywhere there were mountains. We were completely encircled by stoney peaks and chiselled valleys. Natural beauty almost impossible to describe.

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