Vallecitos Trip Report (#18080)


On january 11 I arrived at Vallecitos Sky Center -Mendoza City - western of Argentina (2.900 mts. of height) and starting point to beguin ascending towards the first campsite of the Cordon del Plata mountainous system. I stayed several days whith two friends of mine in three differents basecamps:

1st. basecamp "Las Veguitas" 3.100 mts.of altitude. 2nd. basecamp "Piedra Grande" 3.500 mts.of altitude. 3rd. basecamp "El Salto" 4.200 mts. of altitude.

We needed several days of permanence at the basecamps to acclimatize well and to try getting the top of the higuest peaks of that place. Many locals and foreigners expedition go to that place for a period of acclimatization before attempting the summit of Aconcagua.

On January 17 we started or attempting of some summit above 5.000 mts. of height from "El Salto" basecamp and later we got the top of Cerro Vallecitos at 3 P.M. O'clock. We felt very happy for the fulfilled objective and a little trophy for ours. The unforgettable landscape, the tranquillity, the figure of the Aconcagua Mountain emerging between other lower hills in the middle of the mountain range was incredible and a God gift for our eyes.

After that, we return to our basecamp "El Salto", my friends came back to Vallecitos Sky Center and I stayed three days more along with two slovenes in order to get the summit of "Cerro Plata" -5.950 mts. of height- but bad weather didn't allowed us. Then, I went back home !!!

Gabriel Esquivel

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