Vallecitos Trip Report (#18082)

  • Signed By: Andres Argutti of Rosario, SF, Argentina
  • Date submitted: February 07, 2003

Heights in Cordon del Plata are inaccurately measured. In general, it is said that published summit heights should be reduced in 200 - 300 mts or so (at least for the higher mountains in the area: Plata, Vallecitos, Rincon). Therefore, Vallecitos would be a 5500 mts mountain rather than a 5770 mts one as most maps say.

These mountains are beautiful anyway. They have been the high altitude school for many generations of Argentine mountaineers. It is regrettable that they have become increasingly "commercialized" during the last few years - the same situation that is ruining Aconcagua and other "popular" mountains in Argentina. Overcrowded mountains, rubbish everywhere, service providers guiding people who haven't got the faintest idea of what the mountain is really about, tourists dressed like mountaineers, music playing at a disturbing volume, people dancing in a tent...

Where will us mountain lovers find places to be ourselves?

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