Mount Delano

Mount Delano Trip Report (#18083)

  • Signed By: Lewis Strasburg of Palm Desert, CA, Riverside
  • Date submitted: May 02, 2004

Delano is one of the peaks of Beaver High Adventure Base's "Three Peaks" program, and I climbed it in June as a ranger as part of my training on staff. We started early, as usual, and trekked through wilderness on old trails, trespassing on a ski resort only a little bit. This was my second time going to the peak, actually, but I needed a refresher course, and hey, I like to hike! I don't know if we checked the forecast and the storm in be surprise, or if we just weren't following the scout motto, but in any case, by the time we reached the skiers lodge (a way point), base camp radioed us and told us we were in for some fun if we continued. We thought it over... it would be an entire day lost if we turned back, and we would have to try again later, or we wouldn't be able to conduct program.... We went for it! The going was usual (sure and steady did the trick), until we started climbing. Now, like I said, I like to hike, but it was really easy to get tired. Many of us took frequent rests. Then the storm started in with high winds (and the winds are always high to begin with), and we start to feel the freeze, as darting particles of ice strafed the slope. Somewhere along the way, I realized I forgot my canteen! Of course, I would survive without it, but I really didn't want to leave it behind, so I separated from the group, and went down after it. It must be at one of those places I rested.... It should be easy! It must be just one more ridge down.... nope... maybe another? It's hard to say how long I searched, but I had a long way to catch up, while my friends were at the top freezing to death. But eventually, I too summitted Delano, stepping up on those piled rocks with the registry awaiting my signature. I'm not sure if I actually wrote on it though... or if it was on Holly that there was a registry... In any case, I'm sure we were all in hurry to get down the mountain and chisel the ice out of our hair! (And if your reading this, you know it was worth it!)

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