Ritak' Uwa Blanco (Ritacuba Blanco)

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Ritak'Uwa Blanco (White Ritak'Uwa) is the highest mountain massif in the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, a high central region within Colombia's Eastern Cordillera. Ritak'Uwa is composed of metamorphic rock and granite, which distinguishes it from many of the other high peaks of Colombia, which are typically volcanic. It is a snow-capped mountain with one main peak. The normal route is glacier walk wiht no major difficulty. The eastern side of the mountain presents several Big walls. One of the most representative Big wall is called "Vida Entre Tinieblas" (5.9, A3, 800 meters). It's first ascent was made by Fernando Gonzalez-Rubio, Matteo Mazzieri, and Hernan Wilke in 14/01/03.

Elevation (feet): 17,487
Elevation (meters): 5,330
Continent: South America
Country: Colombia
Range/Region: Colombian Andes
Latitude: 6.5
Longitude: -72.3167
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec
Year first climbed: 1942
First successful climber(s): C. Cuenet, A. Gansser
Nearest major airport: Bogota, Colombia
Convenient Center: Guican, Colombia, (village, southwest of Ritacuba)

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  • Log #21609 - by Mateo on Feb 28, 2009
    When we climbed, the glacier had retreated 2 meters in the last 2 months. True, it was the end of the dry season, but Colombia's one glaciologist tells me most of the snow and ice cover should be...
  • Log #6510 - by Jorge Prada on Nov 06, 2002
    It's amazing. I visited this place in January of 2002 with my trekkinkg friends. Actually, there are two ritacubas: "Ritacuba Negro" and "Ritacuba Blanco". Don't forget summits like "Pan de AzĂșcar",...
  • Log #6511 - by Gustavo on Jan 28, 2000
    A very nice peak, my first glacier, actually. At the end was hard, so I stayed in the pre-summit. Gorgeous. No words.
  • Log #6512 - by Harold Gutierrez on Jan 17, 2000
    Some of the best scenery in the world. It makes you realize how lucky we are. I climbed it about 4 years ago, it is a fair challenge unless accompanied by children or women. I lived in Guican and...
  • Log #6513 - by Alberto Molano on Sep 14, 1999
    Very easy 99% of the way. Becomes exposed at the very end. Spectacular view of the eastern plains - people call it "terrace to the heavens"
  • Log #6514 - by SANDRA SANCHEZ on Apr 08, 1999
    I worked in Chiscas, a little town one hour from El Cocuy.