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  • Log #20626 - by Herbert Sulzer on Jan 24, 2007
    A pretty hard trip for an eleven-years-old boy that i was 35 years ago ... my friends Wieland and Stefan Felsner didn't make it but my father took me along all the way up to the summit, the first...
  • Log #6682 - by Jose on Aug 25, 2004
    Unfortunately, I did not make it to the summit and left Colombia with eyes salivating for what they could have seen. Apparently the winds brought everyone down before I could make it up and a member...
  • Log #6683 - by Veronica Blah on Mar 21, 2004
    Hey!! I was wondering if you knew any websites with the impact on the natural and human environment of the Nevado del Ruiz? or if u kno any could u plsss email them to me coz i gotta do it for a...
  • Log #6684 - by Patrice Minart / Philippe Per Talpin on Feb 20, 2004
    even if 1985 events were terrible, our visit to the ruiz was a great day with true friends to discover this peak before going down and take bath of hot spring water in the village. .
  • Log #6685 - by estefania on Jan 31, 2004
    Why when you are a young schoolgirl can you never find any information on the economic, environmental and social impacts of this volcano???? someone please make a websit that includes thes problems....
  • Log #6686 - by Santiago Rincn on July 26, 2003
    Nevado del Ruiz or Cumanday volcano is my first mountain climbed, it's an easy, grateful and beautiful too mountain
  • Log #6687 - by josh chowney on July 07, 2003
    nevado delo ruiz rocked my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Log #6688 - by Scott Patterson on Mar 13, 2003
    We actually climbed Olleta Crater which is just to the west of Nevado Ruiz. We were going to climb Ruiz, but were not allowed to by park authorities because of the percieved eruption danger at the...
  • Log #6689 - by E. H. Turnock on June 27, 2001
    Made the climb during a visit to my daughter, who was teaching English in Bogota. She and my wife left me at the lodge near the summit overnight, and I climbed the following morning. Had a...
  • Log #6690 - by Camilo Montes on May 06, 2001
    Useful site. This is the only one where the stupid CIA factbook is not first in the list. I've been to El Ruiz several times, and I don't think the photo you have is from there. I think picture you...
  • Log #6691 - by Yoshi Feldmeier on Jan 17, 2001
    My voyage started in Rio de Janeiro and ended at... Nevado del Ruiz. But first I saw the dangerous face of Colombia. On the way from Bogota to Manizales, in the small town Aguadita the bus suddenly...
  • Log #6692 - by Rosario MAzo on Jan 13, 2001
    I am from Colombia and when this disaster stuck, my son was 1 month old. Today he is writing a report on it for school. I still remember...........
  • Log #6693 - by peter bandasch on July 22, 2000
    Our small group (Swiss, German & Austrian) climbed the Nevado del Ruiz in am from the hut, straight up the cone in a couple of hours, hiked inside the crater, had terrific views for many miles...
  • Log #6695 - by Steven Madsen on Feb 24, 2000
    I was wondering if anyone knew how the volcano received its name; "Nevado del Ruiz" If you could e-mail me the answer, or where to get it, I would be much obliged.
  • Log #6696 - by James Grainger on Feb 08, 2000
    I am undertaking research into the Effects ( geological/socio - economic/political etc..) of the 1985 eruption, of Nevado Del Ruiz; I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can be of assisstance.
  • Log #6697 - by ray lafleur on Oct 29, 1999
    Climbed to the summit in January 1984, pre-eruption. Traveled from Manizales then on south to Lima, Peru. Surprised to see the ski lift...
  • Log #6698 - by Carlos A. Calderon on Aug 30, 1999
    El Ruiz is the most beautiful place on earth. I've been going there for many years now and I wouldn't change it for anything else.
  • Log #6699 - by Betty on Nov 06, 1998
    Nevado del Ruiz was a horrible volcanic diaster that could have been avoided if the area pertaining to the mountain had been evacuated.