Nevado del Ruiz

Nevado del Ruiz Trip Report (#6693)

Our small group (Swiss, German & Austrian) climbed the Nevado del Ruiz in am from the hut, straight up the cone in a couple of hours, hiked inside the crater, had terrific views for many miles over the Andes when the cloud cover broke. Each of us had, at the suggestion of the hut keepers, carried a wooden plank up the mountain. These were used in the reconstruction of the hut. Before they became a permanent part of the hut, we used them as "sleds", making it down the perfect and smooth cone in a matter of minutes, wet all over. We were sunburned despite layers of sunscreen, our hands were icecold despite wool socks used for mittens etc.). It was an awsome feeling to be looking and hiking in the mouth of the volcano. Now, almost 29 years later, it is still as vivid in my mind as if I was there only a week ago.

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