Pioneer Peak

Pioneer Peak Trip Report (#18274)

  • Signed By: Nick
  • Date submitted: July 18, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 7/4/2001 6/22/03

This summit has purposed some challanges to me over the years. It stands to this day the only mountain i have turned off before summit, and now turned off twice! In 2001 one a buddy and I got rained on the whole way up to the ridge line, which lead to snow higher up. We were illprepared for such weather, so we had to turn off. In 2003 I came ready, lunch, LOT'S of water and clothing to spare. It started off beautiful and sunny, only to reach 2000 ft and get rained on, no big deal. After another 2000 ft the rained turned to hail, 1000ft later, hail to snow and hail mix. We got to the top of the ridge to find that the summit was not even visible because the snow storm had gotten so bad. Winds were high and water level was low. I still had my moral though and I was ready to Press On. But my friend's convinced me to turn around, yet another time. I am looking at the picture from the ridge line now, I am smiling but really breaking inside because the mountain beat me again. I will summit this peak! until then...

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