Mount Wilcox

Mount Wilcox Trip Report (#19501)

  • Signed By: Kevin Jacobs
  • Date submitted: July 02, 2006
  • Number of People Encountered:0-10 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

This was the second mountain I have been to the top of and it was very rewarding. I followed the trail from the north west side of the mountain into the meadow behind wilcox and tangle to the north. when I got to the pass or just before it I decided If I was going to do any climing I would have to do it here. We had a guid book but missed tangle which was our target. We just followed the wrong path in the forest. Anyway this side of the rige is quite verticle and toulk a great deal of energy to climb as the slope is very loose. when I got to the top of the ridge I could see that it would have been much easyer to climb from the other side. But this would have been less of a challenge and I dont think I would have enjoyed it as much. I met 3 people on top of the north ridge and they suggested I go back the way they came on the n w slope. But I had 2 people on the ground behind me that couldnt make it up to the ridge. So I had to go down the same way I came up. So I went to the top where I cant describe with words what It was like, what a view. And being alone I tould the opprituinty to connect with my surroundings better and meditate. The people I met said there was a register on the top but I couldnt find it. It may have been a little more south of me but I didnt feel like going any farther south because I was quite tyered at this point and I wanted to get back because of the guys on the ground. They had been waiting a while already and I didnt want them to think I was hurt. When I got back down to the ridge I decided to do go down the same way I came up which proved to be very fun as it was so steep that I could litrially ski down the slope of shale, rock, and dirt on the heals of my boots. Every one should climb up and down this way it was a total thrill.

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