Mount Saint Helens

Mount Saint Helens Trip Report (#6771)

  • Signed By: CNDillon
  • Date submitted: August 10, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 8/5/2004

Lots of fun but the mountain caught me a little by surprise. I'd never climbed anything of this magnitude before and nothing even close to it in years. I'd read a bit about the climb but nothing that truly described the character of it. I went up in a party of four, all of us essentially beginners. We took our time, documenting the climb and the scenery regularly along the way. We shot video and photos and logged our progress. We crossed the finish line at a blazing 12 hours but probably two to three hours of that was spent in documenting and sight-seeing. We encountered a lot of speed climbers that were obviously rocking their way to record times but we kept it slow and steady and enjoyed the adventure. On the mountain I heard the final climb through the ash/gravel described variously as "heartbreaking", "discouraging", "grueling", etc. I agree. We came prepared and I'm glad we did. The weather was mostly cloudy all day but could have gone just about any way. The lowest temperature we logged was 42 degrees F. At one point we thought a storm might sweep in but we lucked out and on the way down things cleared up enough for some awesome late afternoon views. I was glad we took our time. For the next few days we hobbled around a bit on sore legs and I strongly encourage full leg workouts well in advance of your climb if you're not a regular mountain goat. I imagine some version of our document will be on the web by the end of the year.

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