Hochstetter Dome

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John, Will and I summited Hochstetter Dome, by its South East Ridge, wich is a easy snow and ice climb. It was our first climb in New Zealand Alps.

Elevation (feet): 9,262
Elevation (meters): 2,823
Continent: Australia/Oceania
Country: New Zealand
Range/Region: South Island
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec
Year first climbed: 1884
First successful climber(s): Mr @ Mrs von Lendenfeld
Nearest major airport: Christchurch / Mount Cook Village
Convenient Center: Mount Cook Village

Thanks to Armando Corvini for adding this peak.

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Trip Reports

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  • Log #18406 - by Shaw Innes on Apr 28, 2004
    Summited Hochstetter as our first peak with Alpine Guides TMC 15. Perfect weather, blue skies and relatively warm.
  • Log #18407 - by Armando Corvini on Apr 23, 2004
    John, Will, and I summited Hochstetter Dome, by its south east ridge. Very easy snow and ice climb. John Finnigan, Will Steffen, Armando Corvini ANU Mountaineering Club Canberra Australia