Volcan Mombacho

Mombacho is a stratovolcano on the shores of Lake Nicaragua that has undergone edifice collapse on several occasions. Two large horseshoe-shaped craters formed by edifice failure cut the summit on the northeast and southern flanks. The northeast-flank scarp was the source of a large debris avalanche that produced an arcuate peninsula and the Las Isletas island group in Lake Nicaragua. Two small, well-preserved cinder cones are located on the lower northern flank. The only reported historical activity was in 1570, when a debris avalanche destroyed a village on the south side of the volcano. It is not certain that the avalanche was accompanied by an eruption. Fumarolic fields and hot springs are found over a large area.

Elevation (feet): 4,413
Elevation (meters): 1,345
Continent: North America
Country: Nicaragua
Range/Region: Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador Ranges
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec
First successful climber(s): Indigenous pre-Colombus
Nearest major airport: Augusto C. Sandino in Managua
Convenient Center: Granada (major town) 12K

Thanks to Walter Anthony Kenna for adding this peak.

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  • Log #18535 - by 29Palms on Oct 04, 2003
    I climbed this volcano from the base of the Volcano. The road is paved and a truck takes tourist up the volcano. They charge roughly 8 USD for a roundtrip, but I wanted to climb it. It is a very...