Volcan Mombacho

Volcan Mombacho Trip Report (#18535)

  • Signed By: 29Palms
  • Date submitted: October 04, 2003

I climbed this volcano from the base of the Volcano. The road is paved and a truck takes tourist up the volcano. They charge roughly 8 USD for a roundtrip, but I wanted to climb it. It is a very steep climb. This is a stratovolcano, and the first half is alot easier than the midway point. From the midway point, it is very very steep. I had to stop every few paces for rest. It took me about 4 hours to get to the top where they have a little store with food, water, organic toilets, and some merchandise such as t-shirts, pamphlets. The view is magnificent. You can see the isletas on the Lake Nicaragua, and the town of Granada. I was told the treck was about a 5 mile hike up the steep winding paved trail. In the half way point, there is a cable where you can see the canopy. The foilage is pretty and tropical. We came upon coffee plants, orange trees, Guanacaste trees, and alot of nice farms on the base. On top, you could see the crater covered in jungle forestry. I didn't get around to walking all over the top when I got there, but was just satisfied with the view. I had done enough walking and climbing to last me a life time!

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