Castle Mountain

Castle Mountain Trip Report (#18538)

  • Signed By: Cassie,Sheldon, and Bill Sutton of Delburne/Sylvan Lk, Ab, Canada
  • Date submitted: October 26, 2003

The kids and I had a very long day. We waited all week for the snow to melt off a little more before we tackled this monster. The melt was still on when we finally went up. We were able to enjoy some beautiful stream crossings and waterfalls along the plateau between Helena Ridge and Castle. We made it to the 6th peak (2712m) from the south tower. The views out onto the Bow valley were spectacular. We could see Assiniboine in the distance. On the day we enjoyed an 1802m total elevation gain, and a 28.6km travelled distance. 11.5 hours hmmm....not bad for a ten year old Cassie !!!

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