Slesse Trip Report (#7107)

  • Signed By: Paul Street
  • Date submitted: August 26, 2000

Great route with a luxurious approach thanks to the boys at The Ford Correctional Institute, and your local logging company. Route follows Becky's guide in it's general ramblings, and route finding will be pretty straight forward for most. Rock varies in quality but is usually very good. Descent involves three long (2 rope) rappels in distinctly different gullies. After your first rap (and scramble down right), the bench you are on becomes a long gully that drops out of view. Traverse right (where it steepens to the point where you will want to rap) across solid rock to the next bench. Follow trails across the next two benches to the obvious raps at the end of each. Once these are complete keep to the trail and don't cross over the obvious ridge 5-10 minutes down. The trail aims straight down the ridge. Also when you get to the large grassy plateau at ther bottom of this, the trail goes left! It's obvious from there to the bottom. One more thing, when you go to park your car at Slesse Creek, keep to the "New Slesse Trail" and you will walk right to your car at the bottom. It ain't over 'til your in the pub!

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