An active volcano which is considered to have had an eruption in 1927. Activity today is low, and seismicity scarce, even though a swarm of about 50 tremors shook the volcano as late as October 2002. The largest tremor reached ~3.5 on the richter scale. The seismic activity lasted only for a few weeks and the volcano and only very few and small tremors have been measured since. Only parts of the volcano are exposed over the large Vatnaj?l glacier of four nunatak ridges. The mountain can be climbed in spring when melting of the snow has started, and before it has melted to much snow away, exposing the crevasses in the glacier or making the snow to thin to walk upon. It is also possible to climb the mountain in wintertime when the glacier is covered with thick snow. The nunatak is reachable by snowmobiles, jeeps, by skiing or foot for instance from the J?sel hut where tourist tours are held. In summertime it is also possible to walk the roughly 20 km to Esjufj? starting by the J?s glacial lagoon, on a large morraine coming down from the mountains.

Elevation (feet): 5,029
Elevation (meters): 1,533
Continent: Europe
Country: Iceland
Range/Region: Iceland
Latitude: 64.0333
Longitude: -16.0667
Best months for climbing: May
Volcanic status: Active
Most recent eruption: 1927
Nearest major airport: Keflavík International Airport

Thanks to Fredrik Holm for adding this peak.

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