Snowmass Mountain

Snowmass Mountain Trip Report (#7170)

My first 14er, hiked solo, and I'm still alive!! I took the Lead King Basin approach-I recommend high clearance (better than I had on my Subaru) for both roads FR314 and FR315. Scrambled up the SW ridges, near "S" Ridge. There's lots of loose rock everywhere, so a helmet would have been nice. I started the accent very late at 4:30pm (obviously an amatuer), and from Little Gem lake reached the top in 3 hours . It was almost 8pm when I turned around, darness was imminent, so I slid down the snowfields to make better time. It was worth having a wet butt because I got back in 1 hour flat. Then I hiked back to my car in order to avoid the heat of the day. Spectacular views from the summit, beautiful fishing lakes along the way, vast greenery, and a moderate 12hour hike made for a very rewarding experience. 1 down, 53 more to go!!

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