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  • Log #20894 - by James Hand on July 22, 2007
    We started super late start at 10:30. We reached the summit at 2:30. Thunderstorms were incoming so we had little time to chill on top. Great climb, I brought my sister along.
  • Log #7305 - by an anonymous user on Aug 22, 2004
    My first summit. I realized what Kant meant when he described
  • Log #7304 - by an anonymous user on Aug 21, 2004
    With friends Matty B., his brother Tommy B., and all of our friends, Jack Daniel's
  • Log #7277 - by Miles McCart on June 25, 2004
    Started very early (4:30am) Above the treeline before sunrise.. to the top early am. Not a technically hard climb but does require fitness. Trip down is very tough on the knees.
  • Log #7278 - by christopher robertson on June 24, 2004
    An interesting outing. A lot of steep postholing on the way up. A few actual ice moves where the gully narrowed- I was able to bypass these on the way down via rock. The view of the North face of the...
  • Log #7279 - by Deanna (Lewis) Smith on May 06, 2004
    45 years ago, when I was a little girl of 8, I summited Teewinot with my family, my father and mother, Howard & Pat Lewis,accomplished mountineers, and my older brother, Greg. As was my habit...
  • Log #7280 - by Logan Pierson on Sep 18, 2003
    Great one day summit if you are in shape, strong, and have good stamina. Summit is spectacular!
  • Log #7281 - by Lynn Marple and Kate Marple-Cantrell on Aug 24, 2003
    The summit is really, REALLY small, but we sat on it together.
  • Log #7282 - by Annie Lambert on July 28, 2003
    One foot in front of the other, you'll make it. Push your fear down and cowboy up!
  • Log #7283 - by Margo Lasky on July 27, 2003
    Awesome. Still snow to deal with...soloed up but roped up across the lower snowfield on the way down...not worth the chance of a screamer. Hot day..
  • Log #7284 - by Roger Haaheim on July 27, 2003
    Party led by Bob Krear with Jack Hudson
  • Log #7285 - by Nick Parker on May 30, 2002
    There seemed to be just the right balace of rock, snow, and mountain views to make this climb very memorable -- it still sticks out in my mind. I did the East face, solo, and can't say enough good...
  • Log #7286 - by Chris Kennedy on May 17, 2002
    With Margaret Pratt, up and down the southwest snow gully. Took a potentially fatal fall on the late evening descent in the snow gully, which had turned icy. Fortunately I was roped (supposedly for...
  • Log #7287 - by Ken Golden on Mar 04, 2002
    As a boy,this is what I imagined the summit of a mountain to be like--sharp-pointed and lofty.
  • Log #7288 - by Matt loscalzo on Sep 26, 2001
    Next to Pyramid Peak outside of Aspen, this is one of the more challenging mountains I have had the pleasure of summiting. An excellent work-out the entire way, never let up even for a minute. One of...
  • Log #7289 - by Ben Folsom on Sep 19, 2001
    Climbed this peak on an attempt of the Teton Traverse. My friend Robert Henderson and I were stormed off the traverse in between Teewinot and Mount Owen after summitting.
  • Log #7290 - by Gair Brisbane on Aug 03, 2001
    Not a great idea to climb this one alone in bad weather! Had a bit of an epic but certainly a memorable peak.
  • Log #7291 - by Patrick Juhlin on Dec 26, 2000
    It was an amazing hike that I will value for the rest of my life.
  • Log #7292 - by Ben Dyer on Oct 18, 2000
    We ascended the East face in early August... It was a great climb...although a long bike ride from the Climber's Ranch. The one part that got a little tricky was trying to stay in the couloir,...
  • Log #7293 - by Hal Monson on Aug 17, 2000
    What a fantastic rock! Thanks Chris, Ken, Kenny, Steve, and Morgan. Beware, route finding is difficult! Several parties we saw climbing failed to summit due to bad routes.
  • Log #7294 - by Bill Lewis on July 10, 2000
    East side approach with a couple of steep snow fields, Ice axe recommended. Start at Lupin Meadow Parking lot ( north end ) Head for the V notch and follow the crack up to almost the top then work to...
  • Log #7295 - by Jim Clash on Jan 08, 2000
    A great day climb with a tremendously exposed summit.
  • Log #7296 - by Roger Haaheim on Jan 07, 2000
    Hauled up there by Bob Krear and Jack Hudson, GTNP Ranger Naturalists. The best 22nd birthday I ever had ...
  • Log #7297 - by mickey dye on Sep 07, 1999
    An excellent mountain! Camped by Teton Glacier and ascended the Southwest side of the peak. With nothing but a ranger's description to go on, we executed some serios route-finding with the aid of...
  • Log #7298 - by Steve Carow on Aug 23, 1999
    I climbed with my regular climbing partner Joe Temple. Our day was bright and clear, if not a little too warm. We met several good folks along the climb. Very tiring verticle but worth the effort.
  • Log #7299 - by Chris Galbraith on July 26, 1999
    Wonderful climb, beautiful view of Owen and the Grand. Mt. Owen here I come, then on to the Grand!
  • Log #7300 - by Victor Jensen on July 26, 1999
    Very enjoyable climb. Climbed the east face. The view of the north face of the Grand Teton is spectacular.
  • Log #7302 - by Bill O'Hair on June 17, 1999
    Fantastic climb; especially glissading on the way down!!!!!
  • Log #7303 - by Fred Spicker on Jan 18, 1999
    Ascent via East Ridge with and unknown partner from the bulletin board at the climber's ranch. Lesson learned: Better to climb with people you know.