Mount Temple

Mount Temple Trip Report (#7341)

I climbed on my own, but tagged along with other groups. Used the so-called 'tourist route', leaving the parking lot at 7am. 45minutes to the junction to Larch Valley, another 65 minutes to top of Sentinel Pass. From there it was 4 and a half hours to the summit of Mt Temple. Above Sentinel Pass the fog was too thick to see much of anything. At the summit nothing more than 30 metres away was visible. Very disappointing regarding 'view'. But nevertheless an exhilirating experience. On the way down the fog cleared below about 10 000 feet so we had good views of the valley floor. But the tops of the Ten Peaks remained hidden. Took the alternate route down the scree slope to the base of Sentinel Pass. Have been hiking Banff and Yoho every other year for about 30 years. Never thought of myself as a scrambler. But after Fairview and Eiffel Peak I thought I'd try Temple if I got the chance. For a number of years I was prevented from getting up there because of bears in the area. this year the coast was clear but I was not with anyone who wanted to try it. The only way was to show up early at the parking lot and 'hitch' along with another group, since the Park doesn't want (allow) groups smaller than 6 to pass through the bear country in Larch Valley. Thanks to the folks who tolerated my tagging along.

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