Mam Tor

Mam Tor is a 517 m (1696 ft) high peak near Castleton in the High Peak of Derbyshire, England. Its name literally translates as Heights of the Mother and it is also known as the Shivering Mountain on account of the instability of its lower shale layers. Indeed in 1979, the continual movement of the hillside forced the eventual closure of the former A625 road that originally followed a route up the southern side of the Tor.

The summit of Mam Tor is encircled by a late Bronze Age and early Iron Age hill fort. Radiocarbon analysis suggests occupation from around 1200 BC. The earliest remaining features are two Bronze Age burial mounds, one just below the summit and the other on the summit itself. At a later stage over a hundred small platforms were levelled into the hill near the summit, allowing inhabited timber huts to be constructed.

At the base of the Tor are the Blue John Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern where lead, Blue John and other minerals were once mined. To the west of the Tor lies Rushup Edge; to the east along the ridge lie Back Tor and Lose Hill. Back Tor has a steep distinctive shale face, which is occasionally climbable when hard-frozen.

In perfect weather conditions, Manchester City Centre, Stockport, Winter Hill and even the mountains of Snowdonia can be seen from here.

Elevation (feet): 1,696
Elevation (meters): 517
Continent: Europe
Country: United Kingdom
Range/Region: Pennine Chain
Latitude: 53.349167
Longitude: -1.810556
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Manchester
Convenient Center: Glossop

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  • Log #21257 - by Bo Robertson on Apr 16, 2008
    A hill not a mountain, and a very popular one at that- of the 50+ times I've climbed it, only a handful of them can I recall having the top to myself. The main interest to scramblers is the 80m...