Trem - Suva planina

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Trem (1810m), the highest peak of Suva planina (Dry mountain) is one of the most beautifully peaks and climbers purposes in Serbia.

Suva planina is located in south-east of Serbia, about 25 km eastern of Nish. Suva planina contains of rocks, which is rarely in Serbia.

Trem is, actually, dominant high rock, on the first sight it may discourage climbers, but, nevertheless, it is very aproachable peak.

The best way to climb is, first, reach Bojanine vode, ski center on 860 m, about 20 km of Nish, where climbers usually left their cars, then walk up through the wood to Devojacki grob (The bride's grave, a crook where the path divide: left to Trem, right to peak Sokolov kamen - 1523 m (The Falcon's stone).

A crook Devojakci grob is on 1440 m. From it to Trem, there is permanent raise, about 2 km, or 90 minutes of walk.

Trem is very impresive. Many colours often mixture each other, and it is possible to see bright sky, white rocks, or violet sunset.

The view from Trem is magnificant. It's possible to see city of Nish and many mountains of Serbia, like Svrljiske poanine, Stara planina, Jastrebac, Rtanj, Selicevica, Radan, Cemernik, Ozren, Devica... Very, very, desirable!

Elevation (feet): 5,938
Elevation (meters): 1,810
Continent: Europe
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Range/Region: Balkan Mountains
Latitude: 43.1049
Longitude: 22.1034
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Nish
Convenient Center: Nish

Thanks to Miroslav Dokman for adding this peak.

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