Tirich Mir

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Tirich Mir is the highest mountain in the Hindu Kush. It is a cluster of rocky, ice-covered pyramids, located due south of the second highest peak, Noshaq. Tirich Mir is south of the range's main crest, and projects entirely into Pakistan, whereas much of the Hindu Kush marks the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. 

Elevation (feet): 25,282
Elevation (meters): 7,706
Continent: Asia
Country: Pakistan
Range/Region: Hindu Kush
Latitude: 36.25
Longitude: 71.8333
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1950
First successful climber(s): Arne Naess, P. Kvernberg, H. Berg, Tony Streather, (Norwegian expedition)
Nearest major airport: Peshawar, Pakistan
Convenient Center: Chitral, Pakistan

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  • Log #22546 - by thomas.quillet on July 28, 20164 Stars
    TM ascent by Jérôme Chazelas & Thomas Quillet (France) between 12/06 and 17/07. Alpine style, without oxygen nor fixed ropes use. Ascent by the czech route 1967. Also climbed Dir Gol...
  • Log #7412 - by Mauro Penasa on Sep 15, 2003
    Climbed Tceck route. Good (dry) conditions, fog on the summit, no view, no congratulation (alone). Good experience. Italian expedition (Club Alpino Accademico Italiano)
  • Log #7413 - by Zoltan Acs on Dec 09, 2002
    First Hungarian ascent with Laszlo MEZEY.
  • Log #7414 - by Allen Webb on May 16, 2002
    Our expedition was sponsored by the Mazamas in Portland, Oregon. The leader was Bob Wilson and the assitant leader John Smolich. (John died on the West Pillar of K2 in 86) We followed the Tirich...
  • Log #7415 - by David Hamilton on Apr 09, 2002
    Together with Grant Dixon (Australia) I reached the top via the Czech NW couloir route at 14.23hrs. Great view from the top on a clear and sunny day. Two suicidal Koreans managed to get...