Šiljak (Rtanj)

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Šiljak (1565m) is the highest point of cone shaped, 7 km long mountain Rtanj, in the east-central region of Serbia.

Rtanj is one of the last mountains at the southern end of Carpathian range.

Due to its unusual shape, untypical for the region, and its monolithic appearance, Rtanj was always regarded as an 'out of this world' place, mysterious and attractive.

On clear days, Rtanj is visible (and distinguishable) from almost every peak in Serbia, thanks to its characteristic shape and lack of other tall mountains in its vicinity.

Many local legends surround Rtanj, from old tales of a wizard's tower that was once on top of the mountain, tall as the mountain itself, to mystical lights that can be seen near the top, up to the stories of Rtanj serving as an UFO base.

There is one more interesting thing about Siljak and Rtanj. Peasants from village named Rtanj, in bottom of the mountain, made memorial chapel on the summit, in honour of former owner of Rtanj's mine. They made it after the World War One. Sadly the chapel was target of gold-seeking vandals (it's often stricken by lightnings as well) and now only one wall remains.

Main perils on on ascent to Rtanj are unstable weather and common thunderstrikes. It's advised not to climb to the top when it's cloudy.

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Elevation (feet): 5,135
Elevation (meters): 1,565
Continent: Europe
Country: Serbia and Montenegro
Range/Region: Balkan Mountains
Latitude: 43.4625
Longitude: 21.5353
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Nis
Convenient Center: Sokobanja, Boljevac, Paracin

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  • Log #21737 - by deep21 on Aug 10, 2009
    Fantasticna planina sa stazom koja je idealna za penjanje krosericom do vrha(1565mnv) Fantastic mountain with the trail that is ideal for climbing to the top krosericom (1565mnv)