Asama Yama

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Asama Yama is currently one of Japan's most active volcanoes. Although the last major eruption was in February of 1973, it erupted with an explosion in 1983 and had a minor eruption that lasted about three months from September to December, 2004. The crater has been smoking steadily for the last many years but recently appears quiet. As of September 2006 hiking to Maekake Yama - the crater rim from before 1783 - is permitted. Though visiting the crater is not off limits, hikers are warned to take extreme care not to fall in the crater or try roping into the crater since hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide are being emitted in lethal amounts. Access to Asama Yama is from Komoro in Nagano on the west side and Karuizawa in Nagano, right near the Gunma border on the east side. Kurofu Yama is part of the caldera rim of a much older volcano, which was active some 20,000 years ago, and can be climbed from the Nagano side for views of Asama's cone, which has grown out of the caldera. In 1783, a great eruption produced a lava flow that is known as Oni Oshidashi and can be visited on the Gunma side, near Karuizawa.

Elevation (feet): 8,425
Elevation (meters): 2,568
Continent: Asia
Country: Japan
Range/Region: Honshu
Latitude: 36.4057
Longitude: 138.517
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Volcanic status: Active
Most recent eruption: February 1, 1973
Nearest major airport: Narita International, Kansai International
Convenient Center: Karuizawa, Ueda, Komoro

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