Tupungato Trip Report (#7552)

Again me. I have a question to people, who mentioned Tupungato as a active volcano. Why? In 1986 I have seen no vulcanic activity on Tupungato. The mountain is a ridge from north to south, not a pyramid. And it has no crater.

Tupungato has an impressive east face, about 2000 m high, almost perpendicular. First climbed by two young Argentinians in 1985(?) who reached the top but died a few 100 m below on the southern slope. The name of one was Viero, the other I do not remember.

The first ascend was done from the north. There are no technical difficulties, but the way is long. It is easier to climb the southern slope, covered with snow and ice, but less then 45 degrees.

The ice plateau below the slope extends over several square kilometers and contains a big hole, the crater of Tupungatito. That is an active vulcano, in january 1986 it was smoking a bit. But the main mountain shows no volcanic activity at all.

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