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Vesuvius is the only active volcano on mainland Europe. It is located just ten miles southeast of Naples, and the same distance north of Pompeii. It is a deeply scarred but gently sloping mountain, which steepens near the summit. Its steep, well-defined summit crater is 2,300 feet across, and hundreds of tourists climb the trail every day in summer to peek over its rim. Its most famous eruption was in 79 A.D., an eruption which buried Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae, all of which remained buried until archeologists dug them out seventeen centuries later. Other violent eruptions have occurred in 1631, 1779, 1794, 1822, 1872, 1906, 1929, and 1944, and again communities have been destroyed with some of these eruptions. Still, the people of the mountain invariably return to their lives, farming grapes, oranges, lemons, vegetables, and walnuts at the mountain's fertile base.

Elevation (feet): 4,202
Elevation (meters): 1,281
Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Latitude: 40.8167
Longitude: 14.4333
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug
Volcanic status: Active
Most recent eruption: 1944
Nearest major airport: Naples, Italy
Convenient Center: Naples, Italy

Trip Reports

There are 13 trip reports for Vesuvius.

  • Log #7577 - by Peter Hulbert & Gloria Kilbride on Sep 14, 20043.00 stars
    not quite to the summiit as near as the public are allowed without a np. guide. Fantastic views viseted pompeii in the morning put it all in context a bit worried about the towns below if (when) she...
  • Log #7578 - by Greg and Theresa Garrard on Sep 15, 20043.00 stars
    My wife and I climbed Vesuvius while we were on Honeymoon in Sorrento. It was an amazing experience. We had visited the city of Pompeii earlier, so it was humbling to look down into the still smoking...
  • Log #7579 - by Kirk, Terri, Nick, Austin, &a Waits on Sep 14, 20043.00 stars
    We climbed Vesuvius when we lived in Naples, Italy and while my parents, Ken and June White, were visiting. It was a wonderful, clear day and we had a breathtaking view of the Sorrento peninsula....
  • Log #7580 - by Jason Weiland on Nov 03, 20023.00 stars
    A fairly easy trek to the summit but a breathtaking view of Naples, Capri, Ischia and the Amalfi Coast. I recomend going in the off tourist season(September-May). I am heading back in December to lay...
  • Log #7581 - by Bobo Robson on Sep 27, 20023.00 stars
    I was a few feet away from the peak when i slipped! I rolled 20 feet down the mountain and had to climb back up to reach my goal! I could hardly breath! ^-^ Boboxxx p.s. go up its mega cool
  • Log #7582 - by Geoff Cole on June 30, 20023.00 stars
    Not the youngest (57 years) or the fittest (122kg) on the mountain but found the climb OK. Stopped to admire view a few times - reality to rest the body - but worth the effort. Mt Egmont and Fuji san...
  • Log #7584 - by Phil Lipke on May 08, 20013.00 stars
    Went to top of Vesuvius when I lived in Italy and made the trek with my brother who was visiting. The guy all the way at the top (the last gift stand you can stop at) was kind enough to stamp his...
  • Log #7585 - by Lisa Pinder on Apr 19, 20013.00 stars
    There was quite a cold wind blowing when I reached the crater, but well worth taking the walk up there. The volcano was steaming in places as well.
  • Log #7586 - by Richard Barlow on Nov 14, 19993.00 stars
    Climbed with my 10 year old daughter on a beautiful clear day. View was wonderful but no steam from volcano.
  • Log #7587 - by Fred Spicker on Sep 09, 19993.00 stars
    Mt. Vesuvius is a National Park. There is regular bus service to the trail. The trail to the crater rim is wide, well maintained, and with a railing most of the way. Some enterprising folks will...
  • Log #7588 - by Stephen A. Covey on May 20, 19993.00 stars
    I am part of a 20 person team of Landscape Architects from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo that is studying the regions of Italy this Fall 1999. I would like to know any...
  • Log #7589 - by Charles Loeber on Sep 21, 19983.00 stars
    Does anyone know if a published account of the eruption of 1906 exists and if so is there a list of people that lost there life? I have a Grand Uncle who was to have been on a ship in the harbor and...
  • Log #21507 - by Greg Frediani on Nov 06, 20083.00 stars
    Very easy. Only a summit climb from a bus stop. But swirling fog made the experience a bit surreal, and hey - it's Vesuvius.