Vesuvius Trip Report (#7587)

  • Signed By: Fred Spicker
  • Date submitted: September 09, 1999

Mt. Vesuvius is a National Park. There is regular bus service to the trail. The trail to the crater rim is wide, well maintained, and with a railing most of the way. Some enterprising folks will provide you with a walking stick at the beginning and request a contribution when you return it on the way down. Like most parks, there is an entrance fee - here it is collected at the TOP of the trail just below the crater rim. Access is limited to the lower crater rim. There are souvenir shops located at the entrance, the top of the old lift, and at the end of the trail. Hundreds of people hike up each day. In spite of all this - the view of the crater and the view down the mountain are impressive and well worth the trip.

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