Monte Viso

Monte Viso Trip Report (#7636)

  • Signed By: Alain Figer
  • Date submitted: December 29, 2001

I attempted Mount Viso (3841 m) in 1982, when I was aged 35. I was then a fitted hiker, yet had almost no climbing experience. My best ever reference was the Font Sancte (3387 m), reached using ice-axe and crampons three years before. Neither had experience my fellow Albert. We had got a very heavy 50-m rope, however we did not know how to use it, so that the rope remained in our backpacking during the whole day. The ascent from Refuge Quintino Sella was quite long and the weather turned quickly very bad, before we were at 3000 m altitude. However we decided to go on climbing. At about 3400 m perhaps, it began snowing. However it was not heavy snow, so that we went on. My friend Albert lacked training and after 5 hours and a half climbing he finally decided to stop, being exhausted. We were in the deep fog, and could not see at more than 20 meters in distance. We did not know at which altitude we were arrived, yet I thought the summit was still far away. We were located just under a sort of small breach. I succeeded to hoist myself on the wet and slippery rocks till the breach. From there I believed to perceive the iron cross of the summit. It was true : the summit was there, very close. We ran both to the cross. Happy to have reached the Viso in such adverse conditions, we were lucky too not to get lost in the fog during the delicate descent. It is a great reminiscence.

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