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  • Log #21527 - by Linda Markey on Dec 04, 20083.00 stars
    A fantastic climb. Left a 4 am after camping at the portal campground for 1 day where we saw 2 bears that morning. We took 8 hours to summit but the young (18-28 y.o.) guys in our group made it to...
  • Log #21700 - by Stuart Parker on June 30, 20093.00 stars
    From LA we drove to the portal and hiked in to Iceberg Lake. The lake was still completely frozen, about a foot thick, and the mountain had complete snow coverage above 12,000ft. One summit day we...
  • Log #21718 - by Robert Winters on July 20, 20093.00 stars
    I started my day hike alone at 4:30AM and made the Summit in 6 hours ( you hike faster when not talking )I passed over 45 people before the Trail Crest and stopped counting to Whitney peak...I spent...
  • Log #7842 - by Commander Barry V Stonham OBE Navy on Nov 14, 20043.00 stars
    9 sailors from the Royal Navy reached the top of Whitney after a gentle stroll along the John Muir Trail - 14 days from Yosemite to Lone Pine. We never could understand why everyone we met was taking...
  • Log #7846 - by Craig Roche on Oct 29, 20043.00 stars
    A group of four set out in the afternoon of 10/15/2004 (Friday) intending to get as far up the mountain for the summit run on Saturday. Unfortunately the altitude took its toll on one and we ended up...
  • Log #7847 - by Alex Rochette on Oct 27, 20043.00 stars
    Solo one-day push: 10 hours up and down.
  • Log #7848 - by Mark Greksa on Oct 20, 20043.00 stars
    Climbed to the top of Whitney in 4-hours from the trailhead at the Whitney Portal. I had an advantage in that I live at 9,300 feet. Ran into Mike Vail from Sacramento half way to the top and had a...
  • Log #7849 - by Karekin Jelalian on Oct 18, 20043.00 stars
    A great experience! Also very focused - in terms of preparation and the hike itself. Did lots of running to prepare myself, was determined not to be thwarted by not being in good shape. Though I've...
  • Log #7850 - by Jennie hutchings on Oct 17, 20043.00 stars
    Well, starting 3:30 in the morning wasnt exactly my cup of tea, but I had already decided I was going to do this hike. So off we went all five of us. This by far is the toughest hike I have ever...
  • Log #7851 - by Lisa M. Jurski on Oct 14, 20043.00 stars
    Mountaineer's route was a bit tougher than our group thought it would be. Glad to have done it with a good friend! Fond memories and terrific pictures will last a lifetime!
  • Log #7852 - by Charlie Dickinson on Oct 14, 20043.00 stars
    October is the time to climb. The 7th was a spectacular day, clear blue skies all of the way up and back - 45 degrees on the summit at 10:30 AM and very few people. The only complaint was the long...
  • Log #7853 - by Scott Klein on Oct 13, 20043.00 stars
    Mountaineer's route. a very little snow but still passable. Beautiful weather!
  • Log #7854 - by Daniel Canchola & Arlah Shaffer on Oct 12, 20043.00 stars
    Started our hike at 3:45am with flashlights. We watched the sun come up over the mountains, which was an incredible blessing after 2 1/2 hours of hiking in the dark. Made it to the summit at 11:26am....
  • Log #7855 - by Michael Wolkowicz on Oct 09, 20043.00 stars
    First off, I'm 49 years old. Second, I live at nearly sea level. Third, I keep in fairly good shape by hitting the treadmill and weights 3-4 times per week. That said.
  • Log #7856 - by Bob Oppermann on Oct 08, 20043.00 stars
    Been up Whitney five (5) times now. I rather hold it as a badge of honor that I have never gone UP the switchbacks. Been down them three times when I've come from the JMT (entered Kearsarge Pass),...
  • Log #7857 - by James Nolan on Oct 02, 20043.00 stars
    People say this is an easy hike. Don't take it too lightly. Altitude does strange things to a man! P.S. Buy a good water filter.
  • Log #7858 - by Keith Fahlenkamp on Oct 02, 20043.00 stars
    Drove from Ventura with signs in the window that read "Need Permit! Honk if you have extra!". Of couse we were unable to obtain a permit, so we climbed the Mountaineer's route. What a lucky...
  • Log #7859 - by Kevin on Oct 01, 20043.00 stars
    Several summits, two via main route in late spring and late summer, the third by mountaineers route winter (by far the most challenging route and the most fun)
  • Log #7860 - by Bob Tassin on Sep 30, 20043.00 stars
    It is really about will power.
  • Log #7861 - by Jay Brazzell on Sep 22, 20043.00 stars
    I summited Whitney 2 weeks after leaving Florida. I was in my early 20s then. Aside from my eyes getting severly sunburned from the snowfield and high altitude it was a spectacular hike. Hope to do...
  • Log #7862 - by Tom on Sep 20, 20043.00 stars
    Did the East Buttres with a 5.11 variation on the last pitch. It snowed in the morning. Great climb.
  • Log #7863 - by Chris Bourne on Sep 20, 20043.00 stars
    Great peak to climb during the off season. Less people and few more challenges.
  • Log #7864 - by Marc Loiselle on Sep 16, 20043.00 stars
    Getting to the top was cool. Don't leave you pack at trail crest. My crapons and a hat were stolen when I did. The nights (and days) can be freezing cold even in late june.
  • Log #7865 - by Dan Marsh on Sep 16, 20043.00 stars
    Dan Marsh Dave Marsh Tim Fox Chuck Shipley It was our first fourteeener. We mistakenly planned it too early for an easy ascent. Much of the trail above 12500'was under snow. The snow was hard in...
  • Log #7866 - by darrell campbell on Sep 13, 20043.00 stars
    Become acclimatted in stages! Using the onion valley trail into the kern wilderness will take you to 12 k feet or so over 5 miles from the car. Or spend a day hiking at horseshoe meadows 10k trials....
  • Log #7867 - by Scott Anthony on Sep 11, 20043.00 stars
    It's a good idea to be decending the summit by noon or before. Some of the storms can be rather unpleasant.
  • Log #7868 - by Deborah davis on Sep 09, 20043.00 stars
    I trained hard for this hike and it paid off. I had fun,and look forward to doing it again.
  • Log #7869 - by Rhonda and Scott Thompson on Sep 08, 20043.00 stars
    Climbing Mt. Whitney changed me forever. Read about my experience at www.rhondathompson.
  • Log #7870 - by Jon Rogaw on Sep 03, 20043.00 stars
    Climbing Mt. Whitney is a beautiful and unforgettable experience. Many thanks for the Forest Service who do a great job maintaining the main trail, so that even average folk with a little planning...
  • Log #7871 - by Steven Schneider on Sep 02, 20043.00 stars
    If you are going to climb in two days make sure you take a tent. We decided to forego one because of weight and got caught in a 12 hour hail storm. Be prepared.
  • Log #7872 - by Gary Marshall on Aug 25, 20043.00 stars
    Just a great hike, had to do it again. Maybe once more?
  • Log #7873 - by Daniel Bayer on Aug 24, 20043.00 stars
    This marks a 20th anniversary climb of Mt. Whitney. Twenty years ago I took a greyhound bus up to Mt. Whitney to do an overnight hike of it's famous trail. I was then 17.
  • Log #7874 - by Bill Nelson on Aug 24, 20043.00 stars
    Beautifully clear day with unlimited visibility. Continued on into the backcountry (Crabtree meadows) and feasted on Golden Trout. Will never forget the golden triangle of the peak floating in the...
  • Log #7875 - by Bill Sullivan on Aug 19, 20043.00 stars
    Climbed in one day with high school friend John in celebration of our 50th birthday. Brother Jack at age 53 also summited. The trail was in excellent condition and so the hiking was fairly easy (the...
  • Log #7876 - by Jim Soteres on Aug 13, 20043.00 stars
    I have to thank Nancy,Jennifer,Becky,Steven Jr.,Nancy Marie for helping prepare for the climb. A wonderful experience.
  • Log #7877 - by Jim Soteres on Aug 13, 20043.00 stars
    Aterrific climb. It was a beautiful day and we reached the summit in 8 hours. We left Whitney Portal at 4:30 AM and reached the summit at 12:30PM. Our return took 6 hours.
  • Log #7879 - by Jesse Engelberg on Aug 12, 20043.00 stars
    We hiked Whitney in two days last year and one this year. We only had 1 1/2 days at altitude this year and so I felt the altitude a little, but Advil and lots of water (almost three gallons!) did the...
  • Log #7880 - by Kimberly Harada on Aug 09, 20043.00 stars
    Prepare, take your time, and your trip will be great. I heard so many times that superbly fit people attempt this climb, and don't make it because of altitude sickness. I'm a pretty average kinda...
  • Log #7881 - by Nick Nedelchev on Aug 09, 20043.00 stars
    Ah, nothing like the 1-day hike!... Started at 5 am on a crisp Friday morning. Rabbit-hopped to Trail Camp (got there by 9 am). Took a lavish 1-hour break for refueling and mini-acclimatization.
  • Log #7882 - by Tames on Aug 04, 20043.00 stars
    Myself and a buddy are trying to do the main Whitney trail as fast as possible. We did it last weekend in 4:19, 8:00 round trip. 4-5 ltrs of H20 per man (started with 3 and pumped as needed), GU/Gel...
  • Log #7883 - by JIMMY WU on Aug 02, 20043.00 stars
    The 6 of us did the one day hike in 13 hours and 47 mins. It was really hard at 14,000 feet. Otherwise we really enjoy the hike and had a lot of fun! There was a wedding at the summit on this day.
  • Log #7884 - by Sara Christofferson on July 29, 20043.00 stars
    Don't rush to the top...stop a few times along the trail to see the different views and how far you've come!
  • Log #7885 - by Richard Piotrowski on July 22, 20043.00 stars
    Discuss Mt. Whitney at the website listed. See some pictures at
  • Log #7886 - by Amber Esping on July 18, 20043.00 stars
    What a transformative experience. Every time I come down I think "Never Again!" Yet I keep coming back to this beautiful mountain. Much thanks to Raul Malgart, Alexandru Propescu, Yu-ting...
  • Log #7887 - by Brian Demsey on July 18, 20043.00 stars
    This was a one day 15 hour round trip. Reaching the top assuages the ego but one doesn't get a chance to fully appreciate the beauty. Next time ... multiple days.
  • Log #7888 - by SCOTT CROUCH on July 17, 20043.00 stars
    Summited via the mountaineers route. Very few people on that side of the mountain the two days we were up there. It was quite a sight to push over the top and find quite a crowd. Beautiful climb !!
  • Log #7889 - by Thomas Hawley on July 16, 20043.00 stars
    Eight of us joined forces for a two day trip. Oh July 2, we spent the night at Whitney Portal. July 3, we hit the trail just after 7:00 AM, and made it to Trail Camp between Noon and 1:00 PM (we were...
  • Log #7890 - by Victoria Woodbury on July 16, 20043.00 stars
    Great hike! Lots of fun. Perfect weather, no wind at Consultation lake where we spent the night, or at the summit. If you're looking for an easy trip try it in two days. We hit the summit in an easy...
  • Log #7891 - by Jeff Dolan on July 14, 20043.00 stars
    Hiking up to the summit of Whitney was a phenomenal trip. Started at 6:00 am, returned by 9:00 pm. Originated at Whitney Portal. Temp. was 60 deg.
  • Log #7892 - by Jason Crist on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Can you say...sore Calves??? This was a life changing event that will stay with me forever! I summitted with 4 others and upon reaching the summit I wasn't sure if I was going to cry in happiness or...
  • Log #7893 - by Frank Wong and Wendy Leung on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    We slept the whole day on July 24 at Mammouth Lake inside a motel. It took one and a half hour driving to reach the Portal. Starting hiking at 3:30am. wheather was perfect around 60 F.
  • Log #7894 - by Paul Gamache on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    CLimbed out of the portal at 2AM and summited at 1pm and then got back to the portal at 7pm
  • Log #7895 - by Allan Benchman on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    we started out at 4am , my friend was hiking slow but constant , as we went further he slowed more but did but did not want to give up ,we got to the crest and he was very tired but we continued , I...
  • Log #7896 - by Joe Kuehn on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Mid-June ascents one would normally expect to find snow and/or ice on parts of the trail. In June of 1998, as a result of the infamous El Nino, trail conditions were what one might normally encounter...
  • Log #7897 - by Vijay on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Started from portal at 9:40 pm, reached the summit at 6:14 am, just in time for a nice sunrise, hiking at night with a full moon was really relaxing and pleasant. The switchbacks were all clear of...
  • Log #7898 - by Danny Wasson on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Its not that hard, what makes it hard is the altitude. Several switchbacks were snowed in, which made it more of a challange.
  • Log #7899 - by Joh Hendricks on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Took the Whitney Trail. There was still some snow and ice on the switchbacks. Not many people yet. I had the summit to myself.
  • Log #7900 - by Craig Peer on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Climbed the East Buttress with Rik Hafeman and a beginner ( 1st climb ). An excellent route, not too hard ( 10 pitches, about 5 1/2 hours ). Got lost on the way down and missed the Mountaineers...
  • Log #7901 - by Mark Manausa on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    good trip, especially a one day trip
  • Log #7902 - by Tomi on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Not all permits are taken. On my way down from the summit, I counted only about 9 tents total on Whitney. In May, weekdays are probably very open for people that just show up. Snow is melting, some...
  • Log #7903 - by Jeff Tulley on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Beautiful route! (Mountaineer's route) We found snow all the way up the coulier and up the final 500 feet past the notch. One slightly dangerous patch of icy rock in the middle, and we used rope just...
  • Log #7904 - by Barry Knudson on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    There's still quite a bit of snow, the switchbacks were completely covered which made the climb to Trail Crest quite a workout. Once we summited all the work was worth it, visibility was fantastic,...
  • Log #7905 - by Travis Bushman on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Unbelievable experience. We hiked in to Trail Camp on the 19th and summitted on the afternoon of the 20th. The snow covered the whole trail from Mirror Lake on which made for a much more difficult...
  • Log #7906 - by Jim Karr/ Mark Harwich on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    you won't know if you don't go.
  • Log #7907 - by Scott Allen on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Summited alone at 2pm in the middle of a hail storm. Near white-out conditions. I missed the views down the windows of the east face. I can hardly remember anything about the last two miles.
  • Log #7908 - by Jeffrey Cook on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Led 9 to the summit in foul weather and poor visibility. Returned to Trail Camp and had to make a run for the trailhead a day early to avoid being flooded in or washed out. Back for another adventure...
  • Log #7909 - by Mark and Doug Dye on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    In an almost alien landscape above 12000 ft (our second night out) we were treated to meteor showers,de-hydrated food, crystal clear water and some of the most beautful scenery that is imaginable. It...
  • Log #7910 - by rviehmann on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Summited South Face of Russell and East Buttress of Whitney in a day. descended the Whitney portal trail. A very bad idea. Lots of switchbacks, little elevation loss.
  • Log #7911 - by Steve Marston on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    We tried the E. Face and moved to slow, so we then went and completed the Mountaineers Rte. March has great weather in the Sierra!
  • Log #7912 - by Alan Kane on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Did the ascent in one day, 12.5 hrs R.T. via easy Whitney Portal route. Long walk! Check my webpage for suggestions on how to train to do Whitney in one day.
  • Log #7913 - by Kresimir Gebert on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    It was nice hike from the West (Guitar Lake). A bit too crowded from Trail Junction to the summit.
  • Log #7914 - by Craig Ayler on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    My (then eleven) son Jason and I climbed Mt.Whitney over a two day campout. I was surprised that I was to obtain a permit in Lone Pine after growing up in Colorado without that requirement. The only...
  • Log #7915 - by MICHAEL MATUSKEY on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Whitney was my first "major mountain trek". My brother and I climbed from portal to summit to portal in one day. I got sights and feelings that were worth every bit of energy expended. The...
  • Log #7916 - by Robert Oldham on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Soloed the Mountaineers Route, Hairy Stretch with a lot of Ice at the top, then another Hairy Ice Traverse at the Saddle, Long Day. Though the weather was perfect and I was the only one on my route...
  • Log #7917 - by Peter Gram on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    My 32nd state highpoint, I hiked it in a day because I couldn't get an overnight permit. Also I climbed Mt Muir on the way down.
  • Log #7918 - by Jim Leininger on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    We endured tremendous thunder/lightning/hail storms at Guitar Lake the day before summiting on both occaisons, but had beautiful weather while on top bot times. You could see all the way to the LA...
  • Log #7919 - by mennesson on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    we were there on the top on 1/1/2000, such a great way to start the XXIth century!!
  • Log #7920 - by Eric DeVroeg on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Ascended this peak with my mother Sally back in '92. She had not originally planned to climb all the way to the top, but surprised me and did it!! Prospective climbers should definitely take the time...
  • Log #7921 - by Adam Marshall, Andy Carey, Br Ableson on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Made for an excellent mockumentary. Look for it soon in video stores everywhere. Thanks to the marmots.
  • Log #7922 - by Kirk Hess on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    One of the best winter/spring ascents! The mountaineer's route was perfect! The normal traverse around the back side of Whitney was totally iced over. Take the first chute and climb on rock and snow...
  • Log #7923 - by Brent Harder on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    My first summit was via a very obscure route up the Muir Couliour in very rotten snow with my ice axe and no crampons. The ridge was a challenge when I had to break through a cornice, but was greeted...
  • Log #7924 - by Bretton Adams on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Sleeping ove in high camp around 12,000ft is a good idea for acclimatization. It snowed 2 feet the night I was there in October so be prepared for extremes in the weather. Take lots of water and...
  • Log #7925 - by Jeff C. Rose on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    A tough trek to trail crest with full packs (5 more days of the John Muir to Follow). A hole in the weather (lightning) allowed a late summit. We bivy'd below trail crest that night at !3000' - a...
  • Log #7926 - by TJO on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    It was a blast, young as I was. I would've been a real mountaineer if I hadn't moved to Kansas. I haven't dared to attempt our highest yet. At 4000ft, they call it Mt.
  • Log #7927 - by Bruce Bindner on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Summitted with Alex Schmauss via first ascent of Hairline (V, 5.10 A3) on the east face after 5 days of climbing.
  • Log #7928 - by Jose Manuel Gonzalez on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Summited with my friend Manuel Barbara from Cuernavaca, Mexico on Sunday October 24,1999 via the Mountanners route, camped on Glaciar lake at about 8 PM of Saturday Oct/23 and started from parking...
  • Log #7929 - by Randy Dickerson on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    My wife Sue and I summited around noon on 9/9/99 after starting out at Horseshoe Meadows a few days earlier. I have been on top four previous times and still am thrilled by the view and the rigors of...
  • Log #7930 - by Doug Reader on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Mountaineers Route, 9/12/99 thru 9/14/99: Camped at Upper Boy Scout on the 12th (wish I had brought a fishing pole) Left camp the morning of the 13th at 4:15 AM, summited at 11:20 AM. My first summit...
  • Log #7931 - by Tom Vorgitch on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Summited with my older brother and two friends on our first attempt. All the preparation and planning really helped. We camped just below Trail Camp in a nice wind protected area. We took our time,...
  • Log #7932 - by Karen Shawl-Stegen on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    I have a hugh fear of heights that you can fall from and live ... at and above the ropes we encountered a deep ice/snow field. The kind you place one foot in front of the other and hope you don't go...
  • Log #7933 - by Paul Mehlin on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    After failing to summit in 1988 due to AMS (& ignorance) and again failing in the spring of 1999, due to snow, my third trip to Mount Whitney was a charm and I reached the summit at 12:15 PM on...
  • Log #7934 - by Dale Ward on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    We took 2 days. Tough haul to trail camp at 12,000ft. Summit day was pretty good just the last 2 miles was a slog. Lots of people, great weather, blue sky no wind.
  • Log #7935 - by Garry Glaub on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Great trip. We had a thunderstorm at Trail Camp on July 8 with some serious lightning and simultaneous thunder. It was still snowing when I reached the summit the next morning. Two guys camped up...
  • Log #7936 - by Paul Larson on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Avoid the crowds with the Mountaineer's Route. Be warned, it is not for the meek.
  • Log #7937 - by Jobe Wymore on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    My 50th State Summit. Thought it would never come... Summited with my mom Pat Wymore and her friend Jean Allen.
  • Log #7938 - by John Findley MD on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    We started at 4:30 and reached the summit at 11:15 after a 30 min. rest at trail camp. We left the summit at 12:30 and arrived at the portal at 5:00. It was a perfect day.
  • Log #7939 - by Michael A. Otnisky on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Take the time to smell the SKY PILOT--Great intoduction to the 14000 foot mountains. Now I want more!
  • Log #7940 - by Marvin Watts on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    What time I wasn't gasping for breath after about the 12000 feet mark, I was amazed by the beautiful views of Owens Valley, the small alpine ponds and the sheer rock faces of the Sierra Nevada. The...
  • Log #7941 - by Judge Wilson on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    We climbed Mt. Whitney as a party of three (Noel Hall, Dan McHatton and myself) spending the evening of August 25 at Whitney Portal. We spent a pleasant morning on August 26 hiking with overnight...
  • Log #7942 - by Anthony Deckoff on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    I tried this a year earlier and found it impossible to complete it in one day due to altitude sickness. Did it as an overnight this time and succeeded. The friend I was with turned back just after...
  • Log #7943 - by Thomas S. Burton on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Summited with James S. Burton and Jeff Kofurd. Round trip hiking time from the Whitney Portal trailhead was 8:40. We thought we were going fast until a gal past us with legs that wouldn't quit.
  • Log #7944 - by Chavez/Franco family on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    The Chavez family--both parents and two children--along with a future son-in-law and a friend made a three day trip on the Whitney trail. Three of our six made it to the top, but everyone had a good...
  • Log #7945 - by Otto & Esther Jager on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Started in the dark at 4:45 AM, reached Trail Camp after only 3 hours where we stayed for an hour and reached the summit at 12:45. The view at Trail Crest was the best birthday gift I've ever had!...
  • Log #7946 - by Fred King on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    This is a great peak to climb to test your ability to acclaimatize. It is non-technical by way of several routes, and can easily be done in one long day. To avoid the permit system that is in place...
  • Log #7947 - by Rich Boyd on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Third time on the summit. Second time I had to carry down my 50lb. dog, Rex, on my shoulders. Watch out for undetonated explosives on the snowfield - and the ranger said, "I don't know anything...
  • Log #7948 - by Dave Hess & Joel Debortoli on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Glacading was a blast
  • Log #7949 - by Mick Wenzbauer on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    First attempt in July '98 aborted at Trail Camp due to excess snow above. Returned in '99 and reached the summit in one long day. Started at 1am (after seeing a bear), at Trail Camp at 6:30, Trail...
  • Log #7950 - by Theresa Cruz/Carlton on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    It was the beast thing I could of ever done, I will do it again in the year 2000 or 2001.
  • Log #7951 - by Joseph M. Cheben on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Mark (16 years old), Sean (14 years old) and I summitted on July 29th. We started at 3:00 AM from the Whitney Portal and made the summit by 10:00 AM. We reached the tree line by dawn and had...
  • Log #7952 - by Joel D. Goldberg on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    My Seventh time at 14,497.61......where do they get the .61 from? The Whitney trail was as utterly sublime as my first go at it a decade ago. Even as the trail has become as crowded as LA freeway...
  • Log #7953 - by Steve Seidel on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Our group of 7 of various ages and physical shape all summited in a one day trek. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky and no wind on top ! My first 14K summit ... but not my last !!
  • Log #7954 - by William L. Welbourn, Jr. on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    The third time was the easiest and fastest!! Summit was achieved in nine hours, and round trip in seventeen hours. We started Sunday July 25, 1999 at 11:30 P.M., and summited at 9:00 A.M. on Monday...
  • Log #7955 - by Scott Wesemann on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    This was a great hike. The weather was very unstable and it almost ruined our summit attempt. About a mile from the top we heard thunder and the group I was with turned back. I took off running and...
  • Log #7956 - by Tery & Linda Teennant on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Did this with (future) wife in one day. She says it is the most beautiful 14er she's been on. The scenery changes around every bend. One moment it's like a glacier, the next a wonderful mountain...
  • Log #7957 - by Tadashi Anno on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    If you are climbing in the summer and if you want a good night's sleep before going up, it may be better to spend the night at the Whitney Portal Campground. We stayed in Lone Pine, but it was so hot...
  • Log #7958 - by Josh Swartz on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    4.5 hours from the parking lot to the summit. I think the summit hut should be removed.
  • Log #7959 - by Dave on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    It was a great way to celebrate my 40th birthday! The conditions were perfect. The snow field below trail crest was more fun going up than down (much wetter on the way down). Climbed Whitney before,...
  • Log #7960 - by John Shively on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Summitted with my brother, Daivd, under ideal climbing conditions. Started at Whitney Portal at 4:00 a.m. and reached summit at 1:00 p.m. The 97 switchbacks were more monotonous than anything else,...
  • Log #7961 - by Chris Francoeur on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Fall colors, warm lunch at Mirror Lake followed by snow flurries, and a very cold night at Trail Camp, which we had all to ourselves. The trip highlight was seeing the full moon setting over Whitney...
  • Log #7962 - by bob macdonald on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    mt. whitney has always been an anual climb. sometime i do it twice a year. half of the climbs have been one day hikes.i love the challenge of the workout to make it to the top in all kinds of...
  • Log #7963 - by Jim Smallwood on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    This was my 3rd time on the summit. Took my sister, Ann Robinson, and Jerry and Jaime LaPointe. We took 4 days; to be successful, and no altitude sickness. Exhilarating! The weather was beautiful!...
  • Log #7964 - by Monika Gablowski on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    This is definitely a great hike/climb. Although we went in July, the infamous switchback section was completely covered in snow. Luckily we had ice picks and crampons along. The uphill was quite a...
  • Log #7965 - by Alan on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    Don't let the 5.4 rating of the East Face route fool you, this climb is difficult, physically if not technically, and many (especially novice climbers) get trapped by the easy rating. Be sure to...
  • Log #7966 - by Mercedes N. Alafriz-Gordon on July 13, 20043.00 stars
    First time, had altitude sickness, just didn't do well, made it to trail camp-my husband to be and two friends summited that weekend. Surprised our friends the next day by getting married at the...
  • Log #7967 - by Bob Oppermann on July 14, 20043.00 stars
    Most memorable climb was in '98...winter ascent of the "Mountaineers Route" in an "El Nino" year. Went with International Mountain Guides (George Dunn). Awesome 4-days.
  • Log #7968 - by Ann Robinson on July 15, 20043.00 stars
    What a great experience!! I was joined by my brother, Jim Smallwood, and friends Jerry and Jaimie LaPointe. Take it easy, enjoy the outstanding scenery, and know what you're dealing with. The...
  • Log #7969 - by steve Newhouse on July 16, 20043.00 stars
    Mountaineers route. Nasty ice traverse @ the saddle
  • Log #7970 - by John Breunig on July 17, 20043.00 stars
    Fun to hike in the snow but more difficult. Going down in the snow is incredible(on your but). Good summit!
  • Log #7971 - by Cindy Colarusso on July 18, 20043.00 stars
    This was by far the most beautiful climb I've ever done. We hit snow at 8,000ft in July!! The switch backs were buried under 30ft. of snow....lucky for us, we called the park service two days before...
  • Log #7972 - by Antoine Horness on July 19, 20043.00 stars
    My first peak over 10,000'. An excellent lesson in altitude sickness from a lack of hydration. I still made the summit, but now I really hydrate before, during and after all climbs. I summitted on a...
  • Log #7973 - by Sophie Quintin on July 20, 20043.00 stars
    After a very cold night at about 3700m we got up at 4:00 AM and were the 1st on the top. The most beautiful view you can imagine from toilets! Too bad we lost our photo film ! No specific equipment...
  • Log #7974 - by Mark Osborne on July 21, 20043.00 stars
    I climbed the mountain over several days with three friends from the East. We all had altitude sickness, but loved the trail. We had a grand lightning storm, thought we were toast. Spectacular,...
  • Log #7975 - by rollie delgado on July 22, 20043.00 stars
    dont drink, dont smoke,stay lean and mean and most of all--thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink! about what you are doing up there.The mountains want to kill you.
  • Log #7976 - by Curtis Robinson on July 23, 20043.00 stars
    I climbed Whitney in just 15 hours. I had a blast, we had to move fast but I got to take a nap on top for a little while.
  • Log #7977 - by Patrick Poh on July 24, 20043.00 stars
    Lone Pine to Onion Valley. Then hiked to Mirror Lake where we spent the night. the next morning it was up the trail to the peak. I remember lots of switchbacks and slow going because of altitude.
  • Log #7978 - by Patrick Poh on July 25, 20043.00 stars
    fell asleep at peak in protected rock area
  • Log #7979 - by Dave Moore on July 26, 20043.00 stars
    First climbed Whitney for 50th birthday (8/31/95) in Sept '95. Repeated '96 & 97. Only made Trail Crest in Sept '98 due to extreme weather & icing on trail. Go after Labor Day for less...
  • Log #7980 - by Jason Ellenburg on July 27, 20043.00 stars
    Whitney may not be the most picturesque mountain, but it is the highest in 48 states. What makes this climb particularly difficult is the severe heat. However, if you are in good shape and have any...
  • Log #7982 - by David Hendricks on July 28, 20043.00 stars
    Awesome Experience.
  • Log #7983 - by Mitch Magee on July 29, 20043.00 stars
    We followed the trail from Lone Pine to the summit. It wasn't too difficult, but I learned the hard way that it is a good idea to drink plenty of water when at such high altitudes. The view of the...
  • Log #7984 - by Ben Folsom on July 30, 20043.00 stars
    Climbed the East Buttress route 5.8 with Robert Henderson. Great route, great rock, great summit.
  • Log #7985 - by Colin Williams on July 31, 20043.00 stars
    Left Portal at 6.45am Top at 12.30pm Portal at 5.00pm Met a friendly, but out of shape, sales rep from LA on way up, and again at Trail Crest on way down.
  • Log #7988 - by Steve Pardoe on Aug 03, 20043.00 stars
    Normal hike from Whitney Portal, in a single day (05:00 to 20:00) Very thirsty work! but the trail is excellent, not much show when we did it. Moderate AMS near the top. See our TR at...
  • Log #7990 - by Marlene Hills on Aug 05, 20043.00 stars
    We hiked about a half mile past the first stream and weren't prepared for snakes, etc., so we turned back!
  • Log #7991 - by D Smith on Aug 06, 20043.00 stars
    A long walk up a very easy prepared trail from Whitney Portal. I did the walk in a day from the road and after an early start was back by early afternoon. Interesting scenery. East face looks like a...
  • Log #7994 - by Leondra Baker on Aug 09, 20043.00 stars
    My account: We did it!!!!! Whoohoo!!!! We actually made it to the top and back! (My first time) We started the hike at the trail head at 3:20 am Tuesday morning. Getting to sleep Monday night...
  • Log #7995 - by Jamie Newby on Aug 10, 20043.00 stars
    I'm a 24 yr old female, didn't train at all for this hike... woke up at 3:30am, didn't decide until I had one foot on the trail that I was going to join my friends for the hike. 10 hours later, I was...
  • Log #7996 - by Jeff Cowling on Aug 11, 20043.00 stars
    Ran from Portal to Summit in 3 hours; descended in 2 hours. Took one bottle of water. Very sore for several days.
  • Log #7997 - by Mary on Aug 12, 20043.00 stars
    I couldn't wait for this experience. We woke up at 3:30 a.m., broke down our camp, and started the climb under a star filled sky. My flashlight wasn't very good and I fell in the first water crossing.
  • Log #7998 - by Robert D. O'Keefe on Aug 13, 20043.00 stars
    There were a lot of emotions welling up inside me as I lumbered past the gray-granite stone shack on the summit of Mt. Whitney. The immediate and obvious feeling was one of relief. Relief that the...
  • Log #7999 - by Rishikesh Bharadwaj on Aug 14, 20043.00 stars
    A very demanding hike both physically and mentally. Take plenty of water and a water filter.
  • Log #8000 - by Chris Francoeur on Aug 15, 20043.00 stars
    A quickie from the Portal this time, 5-1/2 hrs up, 4-1/2 down. No view this time - in the clouds all day. Fresh snow past Trail Camp from the day before (July 6).
  • Log #8001 - by Jake and Bob Barber, Erik Cadra on Aug 16, 20043.00 stars
    Had a great time with 'ol Dad (41) trying to keep up with the boys (11,12). Took two days. First day up to 12,000 ft, second to top and then back to trailhead. Great trip, great views and great...
  • Log #8002 - by Gregory Witt on Aug 17, 20043.00 stars
    Climbed Mountaineers Route most recently. The approach was a bear. Much more than I expected. But from Iceberg Lake to the summit was pure heaven.
  • Log #8003 - by Mark on Aug 18, 20043.00 stars
    Jeff Lanterman and I threw the trip together on fairly short notice. The trip from Santa Cruz is a long one, but the scenery certainly served to shorten the slog. We hadn't decided whether to do the...
  • Log #8004 - by Brett Welborn on Aug 19, 20043.00 stars
    Climbed like slow turtles, and still made it from Trail Camp to Trail Crest in 1:45, and from there to the summit in another 1:55. Very slow ends up being very fast in the end, and never got winded,...
  • Log #8005 - by Chris Earle on Aug 20, 20043.00 stars
    Via trail from east side. One of the most crowded summits I've seen - probably 50 people spent the night up there.
  • Log #8006 - by brock watts on Aug 21, 20043.00 stars
    one day pass for septembe 8, 2000 , temp at base 66 degrees at 2.00 am. in the morning reached the summit at approximately at 11.45 am 6 minutes at the summit and was able to reurn in daylight by...
  • Log #8007 - by Kman on Aug 22, 20043.00 stars
    This is a beautiful mountain. The most common sentiment of everyone I met on the trail was that they wished they had more time. Don't do this one in a day. Take two or three days and soak up the...
  • Log #8008 - by bill hohl on Aug 23, 20043.00 stars
    Last weekend in August 2000. I do a lot of mountain biking, so I thought it would be no problem. Up to 13000 ft -- no problem -- after that-- I lost my sense of balance to some extent and really had...
  • Log #8009 - by John and Sherry Braeger on Aug 24, 20043.00 stars
    Two brother's, William 27 and John 14, grew in respect for one-another because of this climb. Inspired by his first climb, John has sinced summited Longs Peak, Bear, and Green mountains in Colorado.
  • Log #8011 - by jafet Aguilar on Aug 25, 20043.00 stars
    I hiked this mountain thru the west side. I started in crescent medow to bearpaw medow past the great western divide to big arroyo to kern hot springs to crabtree to the summit of mount whitney. It...
  • Log #8012 - by Tom Trimmer on Aug 26, 20043.00 stars
    We took three days to summit Mt. Whitney. Two out of three of us made it, one of our guys got bad altitude sickness and had to turn back on the summit day. The other two of us went from our wintry...
  • Log #8013 - by Scott Barber on Aug 27, 20043.00 stars
    via Mountaineers Route.
  • Log #8014 - by Dave Clarke on Aug 28, 20043.00 stars
    ...If there's thunder there's lightning!
  • Log #8015 - by Kelly Harriger on Aug 29, 20043.00 stars
    Took the Mountaineer's Route on both trips. I love the Sierra in late February and early March because of the dense snowpack and the lack of people. On the Spring 2000 trip we were a party of three...
  • Log #8016 - by kevin murray on Aug 30, 20043.00 stars
    Had a great time. Summitted Boundary Peak in NV on 9/6. While unpacking car at the Portal, turned around to find black bear siiting in passenger seat of car. We planned and were permitted for the...
  • Log #8017 - by James Barlow on Aug 31, 20043.00 stars
    What a cold time to be in the Sierra Nevada. I got to Trail Camp at 3:00, and it was 10 degrees F. After dinner, during the night, it dipped to about 15 below zero. I was up early the next morning to...
  • Log #8018 - by Dan S on Sep 01, 20043.00 stars
    A few years ago from portal in a day on the regular trail. Last summer, from the "backside" as part of hiking the JMT - I hiked from cottonwood to whitney via new army pass, then North...
  • Log #8020 - by MARCO A. LOZANO on Sep 02, 20043.00 stars
  • Log #8021 - by jason farrington and victoria mata on Sep 03, 20043.00 stars
    we hiked this mountain on september 30, 2000. we hiked the whitney portal trail and enjoyed the rigor this trail had to offer. lone pine lake was awesome! there were many other people on the trail...
  • Log #8022 - by Bryan E Couch on Sep 04, 20043.00 stars
    Climbed the Mountaineers Route. It was a heavy snow year in 95 and had snow all the way from upper boy scout lake. it even snowed on us while camping at our base camp at the base of the mountain. Was...
  • Log #8023 - by Laura Warhurst on Sep 05, 20043.00 stars
    We came through cottonwood and up the backside of the mountain. It was awsome!!
  • Log #8024 - by Steve Hufford on Sep 06, 20043.00 stars
    I flew down from Alaska to go up Whitney. Had a one-day pass so I got on the trail a little past 5am and got to the top about noon and back down to the start at 5pm. What a beautiful day and gorgeous...
  • Log #8025 - by Scott Parker on Sep 07, 20043.00 stars
    We hiked from the giant forest across the sierras to the peak. we just had to run up mt. muir also. and then we went back out towards the west and hiked out mineral king.
  • Log #8026 - by Richard Vaughn on Sep 08, 20043.00 stars
    Perfect weather, perfect views. First time up for me and will definitely be back. R&R conquers another one! An intesting fact, the day before I was in Death Valley. From lowest to highest in one...
  • Log #8027 - by Rick Chilcott on Sep 09, 20043.00 stars
    This was the third time up and the views were finally clear and beautiful. We had bad weather the first two times and saw nothing but think clouds and heavy winds at the top (and snow). R&R...
  • Log #8028 - by Igor Talevski on Sep 10, 20043.00 stars
    Climbing for PEACE.
  • Log #8029 - by Lon Blumenthal on Sep 11, 20043.00 stars
    1979 climbing partner: Marc Hirshfield. Repeated on Mountaineers Route with Thom Tiehen several years later. Sunset and sunrise from the summit are spiritual experiences for me. Good hicking to all.
  • Log #8030 - by Tony Dellacioppa on Sep 12, 20043.00 stars
    incredible hike,the altitude turn my legs to rubber the last few miles. The mountain got 4ft. of snow 3 days before we got there which only added to the adventure and beauty of the hike. I have to...
  • Log #8032 - by Matt Lubbes on Sep 13, 20043.00 stars
    The hike gets better every time! We made it up and down in under 12 hours each time. The latest hike was a little tough: living at 20 feet one day and then standing at 14,495 the next day really took...
  • Log #8033 - by Sean Edward Crager on Sep 14, 20043.00 stars
    Solo ascent on a beautiful day. Lots of snow and ice with few people on the mountain. Postholing was worst thing about the whole trip but totally bearable. Great climb!
  • Log #8034 - by Baron Petya on Sep 15, 20043.00 stars
    Though we were well acclimatized, the last part was quite tiring due to the elevation.
  • Log #8035 - by Rich Carlson on Sep 16, 20043.00 stars
    We climbed in a group of 6 - all agreed to stick together and not make a race of it. Working on only 4 hours sleep and no stay at elevation. Started out at Whitney Portal at 5am and hit reached the...
  • Log #8036 - by Guy on Sep 17, 20043.00 stars
    Had been snowed out the two years before from Whitney Portal. This trip started at the Forks of the Kern River above Johnsondale. Hiked for 8 days up the Kern then up Whitney from the west side. The...
  • Log #8037 - by Gabriel on Sep 18, 20043.00 stars
    The Quad does it again. On a whim, we decided to shoot up the highest mountain in the contiguous US. 5 hours up, 4 down (we had to help with a helicoptor rescue of an injured hiker), and unbelivable...
  • Log #8038 - by Stuart F. Molver on Sep 19, 20043.00 stars
    After looking at it on the map and flying over it, I picked up a book by Paul Hellweg and Scott McDonald "The Mount Whitney Guide" 1990. I trained all Summer with running and mountain...
  • Log #8039 - by Stan Sattelberg on Sep 20, 20043.00 stars
    Two times by trail from Whitney Portal, two times by the moutaineers' route from Whitney Portal and one time from the south after climbing Mount Langley. On the '59 hike, with storm clouds...
  • Log #8040 - by J.K. McQuoid on Sep 21, 20043.00 stars
    From the Portal to the summit and back in one day is an accomplishment in which my legs might never forgive me, but also one that my heart and soul will always be proud.
  • Log #8041 - by Travis Bushman on Sep 22, 20043.00 stars
    Another great mount whitney trip. The weather was really nice and so were the trails. I still think they ought to have a zipline for people to get down the switchbacks. Oh well. Watch out for the...
  • Log #8042 - by Jacob Maslowiec on Sep 23, 20043.00 stars
    Tak naprawde to jestem z polski , wybieram sie tam jutro ponownie , tutaj dzisiaj pada desz tak ze prawdopodobnie tam na 14.500 jest snieg ,zobaczymy jutro pozdrawiam wszystkich.
  • Log #8043 - by Ken Child on Sep 24, 20043.00 stars
    The hike from trail camp to the summit was made a little easier but the use of walking sticks (two) and I consumed roughly two quarts of water on the round trip.
  • Log #8044 - by Matt kirk on Sep 25, 20043.00 stars
    Looking to climb class 1 route in winter (mid-december). Any relevant info would be appreciated. Email me at
  • Log #8045 - by Jack Haskel on Sep 26, 20043.00 stars
    I went up the Mount Whitney trail. This is doable by almost anyone but it isn't easy to to it in one day. I sleapt at trailcamp just to aclimatize. I reached the summit at 7:30 am and it was very...
  • Log #8046 - by Dave Daly on Sep 27, 20043.00 stars
    A nice warm up to Mt. Russell's classic, 'Fishhook Arete'. A must do! Missed you, Petch!
  • Log #8047 - by Matthew Nola on Sep 28, 20043.00 stars
    One of the best climbing experiences I have ever had. It was magnificent at the top and took quite an effort to get there. I had never been at that high of an elevation before. All of our mountains...
  • Log #8049 - by Rand Black on Sep 30, 20043.00 stars
    This one is a family affair for me, my father climbed this peak via the East Face route in the late 1950's ... and many times thereafter via the technical climbing routes up the East Face of Mt....
  • Log #8050 - by Romain Wacziarg on Oct 01, 20043.00 stars
    Great climb by the mountaineer's route; check the pictures at: Watch for ice on the rocks beyond the notch....
  • Log #8051 - by seth maciejowski on Oct 02, 20043.00 stars
    Fantastic Mountain! Beautiful hike down the Muir trail to Guitar lake and a long climb in the early morning to the summit over the numerous switchbacks and under a dark sky loaded with shooting...
  • Log #8052 - by Jason Halladay on Oct 03, 20043.00 stars
    This was my first and only trip to the beautiful high sierra of California. Some truly wonderful country and great hiking. My friend Erica and I summited Mount Whitney a 5 a.m. For a complete story...
  • Log #8053 - by John and Bonnie Flippin on Oct 04, 20043.00 stars
    My daughter and I had a fantastic trip. We are so glad we didn't give in to the urge to "race" up in one day. We stayed at Whitney Portal Camgground and enjoyed a wonderful day hike to Lone...
  • Log #8054 - by Thomas Nelson on Oct 05, 20043.00 stars
    Summited via the Whitney Trail as a one day trip. We left at 4 AM and gained the summit by 10:45 AM. Despite covering the first 6 miles and 4700' in less than three hours we slowed considerably for...
  • Log #18749 - by Mick Paskiewicz on Feb 14, 20063.00 stars
    It is usually recommended the climb is done in 3-4 days, but our party managed to summit and make it down in a total of 17 hours. The weather was sunny which helped in an easy ascent. This was...
  • Log #18817 - by P Amschler on Feb 14, 20063.00 stars
    Back in those days you were really lucky to see a ranger pushing through the area. Go over to the Coulor, and mountaineer routes and if you say anyone it was on the other routes not where we were.
  • Log #19417 - by Josh Haskett on Sep 27, 20063.00 stars
    Lots of snow. Stayed along the rock as much as possible until about 1/2 mile before Trail Camp, then we were forced to cross a dangerous snowfield (bad looking crack in the snow just above our trail...
  • Log #19423 - by C.E. Kammeraad on Sep 27, 20063.00 stars
    1983 was in late October and we encountered total whiteout at the end of Day 1. We dug in at about 11,000 feet or so to ride it out. It got seriously cold, with wind chill it was about 10* below. Day...
  • Log #19761 - by Steve Singkofer on July 07, 20063.00 stars
    I led a group of six other people on a six day / five night backpack from Horseshoe Meadow. We looped around to the west and approached Mount Whitney from the "back" side. Great trip! In fact, it was...
  • Log #20499 - by Pete Nesterenko on Nov 22, 20064.19 stars
    Climbed Mountaineer's Route from Iceberg Lake
  • Log #20442 - by William Joseph Ferguson on Oct 19, 20063.00 stars
    At the top of the mountain, we are all Snow Leopards. -Hunter S. Thompson
  • Log #20437 - by Rik Hafeman on Oct 15, 20063.00 stars
    Great Climb, Looks harder than it actually is. Climbed with Craig Peer and a begineer. Well Maybe it was some what diffucult, hard to say since Craig and I have been climbing in the sierras since 73...
  • Log #20419 - by Rajasekhar Cheruvu on Oct 04, 20063.00 stars
    I and my friend Kirankumar Vishnubhatla started from the Whitney Portal Store on 09/30/06 on a beautiful day. The weather was warm and the wind was non-existent at the start. At the trail entrance...
  • Log #20298 - by Jesse Engelberg on Sep 27, 20063.00 stars
    I hiked the main trail up Whitney for the third time in four years, with a friend from Portola Valley. We were planning on hiking to trail camp, but a late start and high winds made us decide to...
  • Log #20385 - by Michel van den Munckhof on Sep 27, 20063.00 stars
    On wednesday the sixth of September, we celebrated my girlfriends first 4000 meter mountain on the summitt of Mount Whitney. Nice views, cosey campground, and good food in Lone Pine afterwards.
  • Log #20860 - by Chris Bourne on July 04, 20073.00 stars
    My good friend and first time in the mountain Chris Bourne and I made it the top of the peak on 6-22-07 at 5:22 AM. We departed to the summit from 12k at 1:00 AM. With head lamps and few ounces of...
  • Log #21003 - by Caj E Svensson on Sep 04, 20073.00 stars
    Mt Whitney is a long time dream of my wife's and we arranged to go there in 2002. The permit lottery didn't go our way and we ended up taking the Mountaineer's Route with less people and available...
  • Log #21239 - by Keith Ramey on Apr 02, 20083.00 stars
    Beautiful and a little challenging on the Mountaineer Route.
  • Log #21343 - by Casey on July 14, 20083.00 stars
    Took the Mountaineers Route, Hit a lot of snow above upper boy scout lake. Weather was perfect and made it to summit from base camp in about 5 hours down in 3. Needed Ice Axes and Crampons even this...
  • Log #21604 - by Nicolas Jones on Feb 25, 20093.00 stars
    Mountaineers Route from Iceberg Lake, Amazing expierience
  • Log #21606 - by Patrick McMahan on Feb 26, 20093.00 stars
    please see my Mt. Whitney webpages and enjoy your trip!!
  • Log #21611 - by John Penny on Mar 03, 20093.00 stars
    Late Spring conditions above Trail Camp. We bypassed the switchbacks in favor of the chute to Trailcrest. Ambient temps were in the 20's F above Trailcrest with windy conditions to the summit.
  • Log #21815 - by Thomas Burley on Nov 14, 20093.00 stars
    Flawless early winter days, after a week of wind, new snow and record cold on the mountain. A group of 5 of us from Victoria, BC, climbed the Mountaineer's Route while SAR helicopters searched for a...
  • Log #21843 - by mpierce25 on Dec 28, 20093.00 stars
    Biked from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney then hiked to the top. I cant remember how long it took. I was about 16/17 at the time.
  • Log #22032 - by julielilienkamp on Aug 01, 20103.00 stars
    Best a two day climb. Relax and camp over 1/2 way, then finish the next. We did in one, and feet hurt. Great hike, and safe.
  • Log #22200 - by cleo weidlich on July 25, 20113.00 stars
    This is my ground zero for training for the high mountains (besides Aconcagua and Mont Blanc). I never get tired of the Sierra. With so many possible routes, one can indulge in either rock climbing...
  • Log #22208 - by Steve Gruhn on July 26, 20113.00 stars
    Hordes of people. My partners were Dave Newcombe, Ken Halama, Josh Linard, and Drew Olaharski. My 40th state HP.
  • Log #22220 - by Jack O'Brunne on Aug 08, 20113.00 stars
    Fun! Easy to do in one day. Very scenic.
  • Log #22334 - by Peter Molnar on Aug 07, 20123.00 stars
    We started the ascend from a parking lot at the base of the mountain at about 6 a.m. The weather was perfect, we had little snowcover on the way up. Reached the top around 2-3 pm, had a rest and took...