Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney Trip Report (#21700)

  • Signed By: Stuart Parker
  • Date submitted: June 30, 2009
  • Date(s) climbed: June 12-14th 2009
  • Number of People Encountered:11-25 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

From LA we drove to the portal and hiked in to Iceberg Lake. The lake was still completely frozen, about a foot thick, and the mountain had complete snow coverage above 12,000ft. One summit day we left early, 3, and summited after 3 hours in the Mountaineer's route. We got an amazing view of the sierras for about 15 min. then the clouds swallowed them. We were the only ones that got a clear summit view that day.

On the descent we went and tagged Mt. Muir also. We descended the bowl at Trail Crest and followed the base of the East face to Pinnacle Ridge. We got to the top of the ridge thinking we could descend to Iceberg lake from there, but it was way too steep.

So we had to descend all the way to the Portal and come back up the mountain to the lake. It ended up being a 17 hour day, undoubtedly the toughest I have had.

The climb was not very exposed or difficult and conditions were perfect, but the descent and ascent up to the lake were horrendously exhausting. It was nice to finally get on a 14er, and it was cool to be the youngest on the mountain (17). The mountaineer's route did not disappoint.

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